A Test of Shraddha & Saburi – Anonymous Sai Devotee from India

The below experience is very interesting to know. The title given is very apt as one will realise in the end that itis rea test of Shraddha and Saburi. Job seekers will certainly gain strength and their faith and confidence will increase many folds.

I have posted certain Devotees Experiences in your blog, before this. Some of which are regarding the Shibpur Sai Temple, Nadia, West Bengal. In those posts I had no objection in mentioning my name. But, for this one, I would request you not to disclose my name over here, obviously if you find this post worthy to be published in your Blog. 

In this post, I am going to narrate Sai’s Grace that has been bestowed upon me, after a good test of Shraddha & Saburi! I apologize for any mistake encountered in due course of the narration.

After completion of my Masters Degree in 2007, I was not hired & went through a frustrating period of almost a year. Later on, in 2008 with a hope to pursue a career in industry job, I applied for an M.Tech course at Bengal Engineering & Science University. With Baba’s grace, I got selected after an interview & started pursuing my M.Tech course for tenure of 3 years.

In 2009 , one of my M.Tech batch mates who was working as a Research Associate in a NGO, got a better opportunity for a Project & asked me, whether I was interested to join the job left by her. As an answerto my affirmative reply, she recommended my name to the Head of the Institution & after an interview I got selected for the post & joined my new job in November 2009. My office was situated at Southern Avenue, very near to the Jatin Das Road Sai Temple near Deshapriya park, Kolkata. After few months, one day I felt an intense urge to visit Baba temple, after my office. Later on I made it a practice to visit Baba temple on every Thursday, after my office. Sometimes, by Baba’s grace, I had to overcome certain hindrances also for this, but always I used to take these as tests of my sincerity. I prayed to Baba for a better job, for shortly after joining my new job, I came to realize that it has got no future prospects. An opportunity to work as a Research Scholar in a PhD project came to me through this job & I prayed for it to Baba during my Shirdi Trip in December 2009. But to my utter disappointment, Baba did not grant this to me.

After coming back to Kolkata, I continued to visit Baba Temple every Thursday & kept on praying for a better job. Days keep on passing & after a fair long time I came to know that a MNC is going to hold a campus interview at our University. Incidentally, the interview was conducted on a Thursday. I took it as a green signal from Baba, & faced the interview boldly even without a good preparation. With Baba’s grace I qualified all the rounds of interviews, that day & was called for the final phase of interviews at the Plant along with a very few batch mates. I was confident enough to get this job as I thought it was Baba’s Divine Sankalpa & my prayers were going to be answered shortly.

On the scheduled date we all went to the Plant for our interviews & completed few rounds of interviews throughout the whole day. The HR told us that the final results would be informed to the selectedcandidates afterwards. After waiting anxiously for 1 month, the HR called me along with one of my batch mates & told that both of us were selected for the job. But prior to final recruitment we should face a final interview by the President.

Both of us went to the Plant on the scheduled date & after waiting for almost 5 hrs our interview started. This time the interview did not go well for us, as the President rebuked us for trivial issues, even after answering his questions, that made us a bit doubtful. The HR told us to wait for the results. After waiting for an hour, the HR told us that the results could not be declared that day, as the President got engaged in an urgent meeting. The selected candidate would be informed over phone. We received no call from the plant after that. After a couple of months I came to know that an experienced candidate was hired from outside & our interview session was a sheer fake one. None of us got a single job through campus interviews from such a famous University. What could be more frustrating than this!!

I told Baba, “I know You are testing my patience. So, I will keep on visiting Your temple & see what You do for me at the last”.

Afterwards I completed my M. Tech course with high marks & was convocated. I tried for jobs in my field but all efforts were in vain, as for my field of study freshers could be hired only through Campus Interviews. The moment one becomes a pass out, could no longer be hired as he/she is not having any work experience. After sometime, I discarded the hope to pursue my career in my M.Tech field of study & prepared my mind to establish my career in my Mother Subject (subject of my B.Sc & M.Sc). I started preparing myself to seat for the School Service Commission Examination to get recruited as Teacher at the Govt undertaken Schools.

Obviously in this regard my M.Tech degree is valueless, but still it’s a bit satisfactory that at least my Bachelors (B.Sc) & Masters (M.Sc) degrees in my mother subject would be evaluated. I started to work hard for the exam & continued to visit Baba Temple on every Thursday after my office. My exam date was scheduled on 29th July 2012. I did sit for it & was a bit satisfied with my performance. Immediately after the exam, certain issues sprang up & a good number of Court cases were filed up against the Board regarding the exam procedure. That obviously delayed the results. Usually, the results are declared within 3 months from the date of exam. But this time, we had to wait for 14 months for the results. By Baba’s grace, I qualified the written test & was called for the interview. On the day of interview, I applied Vibhuti & Udi on my forehead & started for the venue. After I got into the cab, I was overwhelmed to see a Baba pic placed inside the cab. I instructed the driver to follow a route in which I had to pass through the Baba temple; I use to visit every Thursday. As my cab was passing by the temple I offered my Pranams to Baba. But, my interview was not satisfactory as I was unable to answer two questions. But still with faith in Baba’s grace, I started waiting for the final results & after few weeks it was declared. My joy knew no bounds when I came to know that my rank was 31! What a miracle!! It’s purely Baba’s grace! I know that in the evaluation process of this exam marks are given in fractions for the best screening in order to determine the ranks. A deficit of 1 mark could put a candidate 10 rank behind. For B.Ed degree, the allotted marks were 6. But I did not hold a B. Ed degree. The competition was just fierce for me. One could imagine well what a matter of risk was it to sit for the exam without having a B.Ed degree. But in spite of that my rank came as 31. What to call it other than Sai Kripa!!

After few weeks I attended the counselling session & got posted to a good High School not much distant from my place. I joined the school as an Assistant Teacher & was revived with a new life. I am sure, Baba tested me thus, & showered His compassion & grace to this tiny creature of His vast creation!

I firmly believe that believing Sai, loving Sai, following the teachings of Sai & surrendering to Sai is the best worship one could offer at the Lotus Feet of Sai. Baba tests our patience & subsequently makes us free from the sufferings of our Karma. He does only that, what is best for us, when we really need it, as He is omnipresent & omniscient!!

Bow to Shree Sai

Peace be to All

Jay Sainath Maharaj Ki !!


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