Baba Blessed with his feet – Sai Devotee from India

Dear Sai Devotees,

I am so happy for you because Baba blessed you by giving a chance to post all of our experiences, which really tightens our bonds with Him and gives us more strength to move forward. I will be fortunate if Baba makes you to post this on your website. I am Sai devotee from Andhra Pradesh.

I pray my Baba a lot for small things. Little in the sense the things I don’t need, but I just want for that minute. Like, give me a great dress for some occasion, let me have good time with my friends, good weather for tour etc. I do little prayers and forget that I prayed them, since I don’t need them until something I prayed happens. Those little prayers that get answered from Baba Ji are real and powerful faith builders. Here is one of my recent experiences, where my little prayers got answered.

About 2 months back, I said to my mother that I want to talk to someone about Baba, want to say all his greatness in my words from my experience. She told me to praise Him directly talking and standing in front of Him. I said ok but still I wanted to share with someone about everything how I feel about Baba. Later on some day, I questioned myself: Lakhs of people are praying Him, so isn’t there a single devotee, who wants to share His experiences? Hence I browsed the internet, and inevitably ended up on Shirdi Sai Baba’s Experiences website. It was like I wanted small piece from Baba’s bag, but He gave me the whole bag. As I journeyed to the site, my heart started racing to find out what is there in this website that makes me closer to my Baba. I quickly went through a devotee’s experience close at hand. I ended up with tears in my eyes. Wow!! He again showed His grace. I was in ocean of happiness. With that happiness, I read about 6 to 7  devotee experiences on that day and finally realized that Baba had heard me and showed me this site to fulfill my wish. I still wonder how I got a thought of searching Baba’s experiences on net. Then I smile every time and say to myself. Come on Buddy, it’s only because Baba listens to all our prayers. Very Happy.

After reading “Real presence of Shirdi Sai Baba in Brampton (Canada)”, I went back to my childhood school days and remembered miracle blessed by Baba to strengthen his devotee’s (my mother) faith in him. It was in 1997, the time, when I knew nothing about Baba other than things like mom is praying Baba, so He is the God and He gives whatever we ask for. May be because of my age and ignorance even I hesitated to tell this miracle to my friends and others thinking that they might comment and crack jokes. Ok now, flushing out all that ignorance I start to share our family experience.

It was one fine Morning. My mother was preparing roti’s (actually ‘pesara attu’ in telugu) for breakfast. My mother is staunch devotee of Sri Sai Baba. That was the time, when she was disturbed of some issues. She always has this tremendous belief that only Baba can help her. Though lot many things were hurting her, she took an oath that morning to chant SAIRAM by singing Sri Sai Charanam Naku Ika Saranam song (meaning – Baba’s feet is the only recourse) the entire day. She was praying Him with strong unbounded faith and asking Him to give or tell something, which helps her to ignore that disturbance. We were waiting in the dining room for breakfast.

She started preparing roti, added some oil on the girdle, patted roti stuff into a round shape. All along this time, she was singing “Sri Sai Charanam Naku Ika Saranam” and desperately seeking his hand for help. The roti was cooked on one side and hence she turned over the roti on the other side. My mom was stunned with the sight of the roti and had tears. Guess what? She got an answer for her call. Baba appeared before His devotee to reassure her that everything is going to be alright. It was Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sai Nath feet appeared on the roti. The whole roti was cooked leaving Baba’s feet exactly like how they appear in his standing pose picture.

Here goes the picture,


My mom was inexplicable with tears of happiness and almost jumped like a small girl seeing Baba’s love on her. I being very little at that time honestly didn’t care. I never tried to share my mom’s happiness and didn’t even try to understand what’s going on. Well we don’t care until we need help right? After many years, now having my own experiences with my SAIRAM and understanding His love towards His children, I thought about this miracle and felt a rare awe and lot more respect towards my mom for her belief. Hence I called her to say that I am going to write your experience with Baba to post it on Baba’s website. She became very happy and re-lived all her experience one more time. She is happy for all the love we are showing now on her Baba.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with heart. What is better and more beautiful than our Baba’s blessings and who is luckier than us to feel them by heart.


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