Baba Blessings – A True Devotee Miraculous Story

Hello readers and sai devotees, here is baba’s blessing’s miraculous story submitted by a devotee.

Hi, I would like to continue as an anonymous devotee. Once you complete reading then you will come to know about baba blessings. I am a strong believer in baba. Firstly, I would like to ask baba to forgive me for the delay. I wanted to share an experience, we were shopping, my daughter who was playing till then fell and she was unconscious, I don’t know what happened but she is not responding I couldn’t think anything all I was doing was rubbing her feet tapping her at back trying to wake her, I was trying to hold her but she was slipping from my hands I cried and couldn’t do anything I was begging people if somebody could call for help after about 10-15 minutes people came to help her, they took her into the room and asked me to wait outside. from the moment I saw her unconscious I was just kept begging baba to help my daughter, it took about 5 minutes I was soo tensed and worried I felt like I am gonna faint I heard my little one’s voice she is crying I felt glad but when I went in she seemed to be losing consciousness I was trembling I was told she should be rushed to the hospital immediately and they won’t allow me with her. It’s about 30 minutes drive, on my way to the hospital I was crying begging baba to take care of my little one and I am so scared how am I gonna see her in what condition those 30 minutes no one should ever face that phase but just.

Blessings of Sai.
Blessings of Sai.

Five minutes before I reached the hospital I saw few letters on a building like an advertisement suddenly at some point I was with hope, I felt like baba is giving the message that everything will be good, not completely I am not out of fear but I got some positive strength. i was enquiring about her at the reception still crying not knowing what is going on. When I stepped in I saw my kid with all the equipment my feet started shivering I couldn’t step in I stood there crying but baba showed his magic doctor said she is ok they did all the tests, but he didn’t reveal anything he said it will take time.

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He said she is sleeping I went near her trying to wake her up, She started crying she wanted to come to me, she’s not allowed because of all equipment. I was praying to baba continuously with my prayers in my mind I asked if the doctor can get the results here’s Baba magic, biggest miracle everything turned out normal we were told she should be examined for few hours so that they can run a few more test, every time someone steps my entire body used to shiver every minute, all mind doing was constantly chanting babas name .it took a while for us to get discharged. It was merely Baba’s miracle that everything turned normal even today when she complains about anything I get scared but we all knew there is baba to always help us. my dear friend doesn’t lose hope he is holding our hands and guiding us. even if we leave his hand he will never leave us and will never forget us Baba please bless all of us Om sai ram!. When there is Baba Blessings, everything is possible.  

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