Baba controlling the five elements meaning whole universe

Taken from  Shri Sai Satcharitra (Life story and Teachings of Shri Sai Baba):The whole universe is manifested with five elements -water, fire, ether, air and earth.  The Omnipotence of Sai Baba’s Divine personality was such that all the elements of nature complied with His will.

There was an incidence when Sai wanted to light his clay pipe for having a smoke.  He struck the ground with his stick and there emerged an ember from the earth, which he held to the tobacco in his pipe.  After lighting the pipe he needed some water to wet the cloth (to be used as filter) he again struck the ground with the stick and water sprang from the same spot!

There was another occasion when the flames from ‘dhuni‘ were rising higher and higher as though they would consume the rafters of “Dwarkamai” mosque.  The devotees sitting around Baba were visibly panic.  Sai Baba gazed at the flames and commanded ‘come down, come down’ striking his baton on the ground and with every blow the flame subsided to embers.

On yet another occasion Sai Baba was partaking of food with few of his intimate devotees in the mosque when without any cause or provocation he exclaimed ‘stop!’  Then as if nothing has happened they continued with their meal.  After they were through with it and stepped out of the masjid (mosque) large chunks of the ceiling collapsed at the very spot where they were seated a few minutes back.

On the occasion of organizing the Ram Navami fair (Birthday celebrations of Lord Ram) acute shortages of water posed serious problem to the organizers.  They sought help from the divine grace of Sai Baba.  Baba gave them a platter of flowers with a few remnants of the blessed food, which he had received in alms earlier in the day.   As the villagers dropped the platter of petals in the well, the water rose high from the bottom as if following a divine command!

The devotees, as how Baba commanded the rains to stop have narrated the experiences.  Once a couple was about to leave Shirdi after taking Sai Baba’s ‘darshan’ , it began to rain heavily.  The lashing rains and lightening made it quite difficult to set out on journey.  Baba calmly appealed, ‘Let the rains cease.  My children are going home, let them go peacefully’.  After a short while the downpour turned into light drizzle and feeble winds and the devotees left for their destination safely.

One evening there was a terrible storm at Shirdi, and the village and its farms were flooded with incessant rains.  The many local deities and nature gods were sought to be appeased but in vain.  At last people came to Baba and prayed to him to quell the storm.  Baba calmly came out to the edge of the masjid and ordered the storm to cease its fury.  At once the winds and the rains obeyed his behest.

The peerless Master touched upon all the animate as well as inanimate matter of the universe through his spiritual perfection, and nature had simply become his subservient in this regard.


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