Baba Devotee Prayers To Fulfill Their Desires

Baba Devotee Prayers:

Baba Devotee Prayers #1 –  Baba, please unite me with the man I love and make us lead a happy life together until the end of my life.

My plea to Sai…I am quite a god fearing person and have a lot of faith in God….but a few years back I was fortunate to be called in by Sai to become his devotee. And subsequent to this I was blessed by Sai as the person I am so much in love with whom I have lost contacts for many years was brought back to my life giving me new hope to live. Though there were still issues that needed to be sorted for us to be together for life, Sai blessed us by bringing us together to meet and made us realize the love for each other and Sai made him say that God willing we will be together and we even went to a Sai temple together and he placed kumkum on my forehead in front of Sai. Everything was so perfect between us. Sai even blessed me with the visa after so many years of struggle to migrate to the country my man is living. However, as some matters still need to be sorted for us to be together, and he was struggling with some issues there was sudden communication loss….but when I spoke to him on this he stated just relax and he will sort things out and will contact me, but was withdrawn from me without any communication. I also met with few accidents during this period and plans of permanently migrating to his country got delayed and I was only praying to Sai to remove all obstacles and unite together soon. Then the beginning of last year I was able to make a short visit to his country to validate my visa. Though I was so worried of whether I could meet him, Sai blessed me again by making him meet me and he said sorry that things haven’t worked out the way I wished for but it could change as I come over and live there. Again Sai blessed us a visit to a temple that he once said if God willing I will take you and he kept kumkum. This gave me new hope that God will make things happen for us soon. However, as my injury was not completely healed I returned to my home country with a view to cure myself completely. During this period he was talking with me and again suddenly stopped communication as he was going through depression and wanted me to move on. Again I was praying to Sai to cure us and unite us again. Sai made the communication to start again and we were getting close.

Baba Devotee Prayers #1.
Baba Devotee Prayers #1.

Recently Sai made him visit our country and showed that he loved and cared and made us visit his temple and again made him keep kum kum on my forehead and when I asked him whether he will be there with me till the end he said yes in front of Sai. I also learned that Sai has presented him an opportunity to sort his issues and for us to be together but he hasn’t been successful in doing so. Because of this, I feel he is somewhat distanced from me. Because of this I am so worried and pleading to Sai’s intervention to somehow sort things out immediately and unite us to be together soon. Please Sai please immediately cure me completely and make our visit to Shirdi in December this year and unite us to be permanently together and start a life together in his country before mid next year and lead a happy and healthy life till the end. He is the love of my life and you know how much happiness he brings to my life and how miserable I feel without him. I so want to spend the rest of my life with him. Please Sai, please take away all obstacles against us and unite us this time for life. I have been waiting for a life with him for so long and I plead to you for a miracle in uniting us within this year and start a life together and bless us with a child and a life together in happiness, health, and harmony, for the rest of our lives. Oh, Sai I so need your help in making this happen and I am begging for your blessings and miracle.

Baba Devotee Prayers #2 – Baba, please give my love back to me.

Baba Devotee Prayers #2.
Baba Devotee Prayers #2.

Sri Saibaba maharaja ..I’m ur daughter … It’s u who gave me my man two years back ..I’m so lucky to get such a good person .it’s oly Because of ur grace he was been gifted in my life ..I was an upsc aspirant and I met my man in dat coaching class only ..I gave two attempts but I didn’t pass through Nd this June month was my third attempt nd while writing exam itself I came to know sure I will not pass through it again so I was very much depressed man is working in animation company Nd he has tight schedule Nd he couldn’t spend time with me .. though I was in depression Nd worried about my exams results I longed to spend time with my man to gain motivation but he was very busy ..due to my depression I got angry dat my man couldn’t talk a single phone call for two minutes even amidst his tight schedule ..dis made him angry dat even I didn’t understand his work nature Nd he didn’t speak to me Nd also adding to dis fight my man is so very sensitive who takes time to cure himself ..he said dat I’m not a suitable girl for him Nd said he doesn’t want me ..but I couldn’t bear those words Baba. I loveeeeeeee him more than anything in this world is like hell without him .. I need him back to me .. plzz Baba give me my man Nd my love back to me .. plzzz my’s only u who knows how much I love my man ..plzz give him back to meeeee .. I need to marry him babaa .. I need to live beside him each Nd every moment in dis life babaa ..Plzzzzz my babaaa.

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