Baba Expereinces – Sai Devotee From India

Anonymous devotee from India says: I want to share my experience which just happened few months back on your blog. Once, one astrologer told me that stop chanting god’s name, don’t go to temple, stop helping others and stop donating anything and it will benefit you because you have some dosha in your kundli. I got scared and started following whatever he told me .My mother is a devotee of Baba. Every time she is talking about Baba and His leelas and she used to tell me that how Baba is listening to all her prayers. I got very attracted and started listening to Baba’s stories with excitement. When I was a kid, I used to bow in front of Baba and used to go to the temple with my mom but never loved Sai like this before. One day, randomly I opened this page and started reading Baba’s miracles but I was following whatever that astrologer said that day I was very restless and thought maybe I should not read his stories and follow the astrologer. I prayed to Baba that please shows me the right path, till tomorrow evening you have to tell me that what I should do. The other day when I woke up, I was checking my fb page and randomly clicked of this page. I was surprised when I read these wordings from one of the story which was shared “No matter how sweet and good other saints say, believe in your own guru, he will take care of you and it was also written by a Sai’s follower” There is no power above Baba, which could influence His devotees. Everything either good or bad happens as per the wish of Baba, just believe in him and surrender yourself completely to him “.

After reading all this, I was so happy and never followed the instructions of that astrologer again and by Baba’s grace I read Sai Satcharitra in 13 days, Baba gave me darshan once in my dream when I wasreading Sai Satcharita. I felt his presence also, I have full faith in him and I know he will never show me any wrong path, can’t forget these beautiful lines from Sai Satcharitra “you don’t need to worry about food or anything” I am always worried for my kids, “Yesterday I got my results for the interview and finally I got the higher post in the company which I wanted from so long. Before going for this interview, I asked Baba to come along with me for the interview. I promised Baba, if I clear this interview, I will share my experience on this blog, I got what I wanted. It’s Sai’s blessing to me. Thank you Baba for everything.

One more experience I would like to share, the other day, I opened Sai Baba question and answer page . I wanted to hear some updesh from Baba, that’s why I opened that page. I don’t remember the exact wordings but it was written there, “Your self esteem should be the most important thing for you. Remember Sai Baba” and I couldn’t understand the meaning of those lines and to my surprise the next day my ex messaged me. I was never happy him with .he was very dominating and always wanted things how he wants, and he never treated me right and so I left him, even my mom had a dream about me that he is beating me and then someone is telling her that “See, this would happen, if you had given your daughter to him “ . she got the darshan of vithal the same night . We were planning to get married when we were together but yesterday I didn’t reply him back because I think, I deserve someone who treats me right .Baba showed the right path again through that updesh. Thank You Sai.


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