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Sai Brother Pramod Ji from India says: I am Pramod Mishra from Odisha. I  Fortunately due to Sai Baba’s grace I am able to share my experience, please feel free to edit. First of all thanks a lot for providing such a beautiful platform to share Sai’s Leela, which is nectar for us. This is inspiring and instructing us to how should we lead our life.Please forgive me as it is quite lengthy.

Although I know BABA from my childhood, but I was not a devotee of Him. From 2007, I was working in overseas. In year 2009, when I was in ALGERIA, I met a person, who inspired me about Sai Baba. After that I have started worshipping Sai Baba and read Sai Satcharitra because of which BABA called me in 2011 to Shirdi. Everything went well up to December 2012.

In 2013 January I returned back to India to attended my sister marriage and thought to settle down inIndia. I wrote letter to my company to post me inside India, which they refused & asked my resignation. As I have 6 years of experience in overseas, I thought it is not difficult for me to get a job inside India. So I gave my resignation and started searching job from end of February. I got a call, but that didn’t work out. Then March come, I thought due to end of financial year, call were not coming. Then April came, I did not get a call. I have started feeling frustration.

I gradually reduced communication with my family members and confined myself in one room. During that time my ego of having so much experience vanishes and I have started to pray to Sai Baba. In the meantime, one noble person asked all the devotees to send their difficulties to him, so that he would take those to place at BABA’s feet in Shirdi. I wrote a letter to Him about my job and other personal problems. After that, I had a feeling that BABA will obviously solve my problem. I have started reading Sai Satcharitra and went to Sai Mandir on every Thursday. After some days, I had a feeling of Sai presence in my life. Every day I got some feeling, which assured me that I will surely get a job because of BABA’s grace. One auspicious day in the morning I went to Sai Mandir and in the afternoon around 3 PM one black dog come inside our premise, but don’t know how it enters as our gate was always closed. After seeing the dog, I went inside kitchen and search for food, but unfortunately that day nothing was balanced, so I brought some biscuit and fed him.

After some days of that incident, in the month of 1st week of June, I got 2 calls from Gurgaon and Noida for domestic and overseas projects respectively. As I was not interested for overseas, I gave more importance to Gurgaon job. I went to Gurgaon and from there I hired an auto to that company. While I was going, I thought that here it is very difficult to see BABA’s photo anywhere and suddenly my eyes go to the photo of SAI BABA placed in that auto. I was very much excited and thought that this interview is going to be very good. I was very much confident.

When I entered the company, to my fortune, I was able to see more photos of BABA. My interview went well and fortunately I also got selected and joined the company. On the first day of that company, I came to know that the financial situation of that company is very bad and they are paying salary once in every 4-5 months. I feel very depressed, cried and asked BABA why You are playing with me in this way. As HR person was not there on first day, so formally I have not joined the company so from 2nd day I did not go to that company. I feel very dejected and went to SAI Mandir in Lodhi garden and got BABA’s Darshan.

But somehow I have a feeling that I will surely get a good job by BABA’s grace. I have tried very hard and after 3 days to this incident, I got a call from a reputed company from Mumbai. I went there, got selected and now I am working in Mumbai. The whole experience taught me two golden words, SHRADHA and SABURI. We must have patience and faith. BABA is always there to help us on His own inscrutable ways, which further strengthen our faith on Him. I have also other problems, but I know those are only mean to strengthen my faith on my beloved Lord and surely He will solve all those one day.


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