Baba Fulfilled My Five Years Wish In Just A Single Day

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:  I don’t know from where to start and I am not sure if I would be able to do justice to Sai Leela. I came to USA in 2008 and from that time on wards I started looking for a job. During these 5 years, I did masters, and also worked for almost two years as a part time employee. But In my mind I wasn’t happy with the part time job as I was not treated very well.

My previous jobs were good only for putting experience on my resume, it didn’t help me monetarily or professionally. I didn’t enjoy while working on those profiles at all. There was not a single day, when I didn’t pray to Sai Baba. I kept Sai Guruvar Vrat as well, but still nothing was working out. I applied for good one month, but did not get many calls. Companies that I get interview calls from took 6-7 interviews and gave very good feedback. They told me they would offer me a role soon and I waited for almost a month for them to give me an offer, but still they didn’t give an offer.

I was getting frustrated and was losing confidence. I was getting worried as I had only one year to get a job due to my F1 status. I had lost all the hopes, but one day one of my friends called me, when I picked up the phone I addressed him as Sai and I wondered why I called him by that name. Anyways, my friend told me about a contract opportunity in the same company, where I was working part time. I told I am interested and would love to be considered. He forwarded my resume to the hiring manager. Hiring manager liked my resume and wanted to interview me. But time passed he didn’t call me for an interview. I asked my friend and he also didn’t respond to my message.

After two weeks my friend called me, and asked me if I am still looking and interested in that position. I told him yes, and he arranged an interview the same day. By Baba’s grace I was not asked many questions and was given the confirmation the same day. I was tensed for 5 years related to my job and due to Baba’s grace, It took me just one day to get the offer letter. Now that everything has worked out for me. I am 100% sure that my friend was sent to me by my Sai that’s why I called him Sai when I took his call the first time. I love You Sai Baba. Please always shower Your blessings on Your devotees.


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