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Shirdi Sai Baba Healings and Miracle Stories

Baba healed my husband and gave justice for me at work

Namaste all,
Thank you for creating and maintaining this website so efficiently and allowing me the opportunity to share my miracles of baba so that other devotees can get the courage and motivation to trust Our Sadguru-Shridi Sai. My husband was retrenched in February 2020 and then the lockdown started in March 2020 due to the coronavirus. In May he started to lose his appetite and he became very depressed and wanted to sleep only because I had started work in May and I was exposed to people I decided that we should sleep in separate rooms so he does not infect .one Friday morning, baba came to me and gave me time(2.00 a.m.).I jumped out of the bed and went to my husband’s room only to find him standing in his room about to leave and he said to me that someone people are waiting for him at the gate. I calmed him down. Gave him a hot cup of milo and calmettes and rushed to go and have a bath. When I came out he was falling off to sleep. I went to my shrine and prayed to Baba to help him as I need to go to work. I made his breakfast, gave him his vitamins, made his lunch, left it at the bedside, and left for work. I phoned him during the day, he was very incoherent. He was seeing his late parents, brothers, and sister. They were building and putting up a tent near our driveway. I was petrified as this went on for two months. I just prayed to Baba to give me the courage to go to work and come home and look after my husband. I convinced my husband to surrender himself totally to baba as he was a bit reluctant. Since he surrenders himself totally to baba, one Sunday he said to me that someone pushed him forward and he felt his head filling up. Since that incident, he has improved, although he has a few issues now they are all bearable. I can say with total confidence that baba healed my husband without any medication. He was the doctor and the healing power. He never left my or my husband’s side. my husband places babas idol on his bed every night before he sleeps. I cried a lot this time as I was feeling that I was failing, but MY PRECIOUS SAI NATH never failed. Thank you MY PRECIOUS BABA. LOVE YOU LOTS.

Shirdi Sai
Shirdi Sai

My second miracle came in June when one of my colleagues accused me of calling a customer the “K” word. he said to me that he has recorded me and has sent the recording to head office. I was helpless as I knew that I would never call a customer that. I phoned the customer and the customer assured me that I did not call him that and that my colleague has something against me and is using his name to get to me. I sent an email to my service manager, advising him of the incident. he advised the branch manager and then without telling me anything they got the labour lawyer to come in and interview me and my colleague. we were advised that our branch manager will make the decision and come back to us.

it was gone a month and I kept on praying and crying to baba to find a solution to this problem as he is fully aware that I am the sole breadwinner at home. after I had given up hope that anything is going to come out of this investigation, after exactly a month, the branch manager sent an email advising our branch that he is going to doing his branch visit. We did not know what the visit was about. I just prayed to baba in the morning and said he must go in before me and sit at the meeting .since the branch manager is my late sister’s son and we share the same surname it was quite complicated. He came in and greeted all of us. After a while, he advised us that he has come to sort out the issues at our branch. Although I knew I was not guilty, the humiliation was killing me. after interviewing my colleague that accused me, the branch manager called me in. he advised me that I am not guilty of anything and that I can rest and not stress anymore as my colleague was hiding something and had no concrete evidence against me. I was relieved as I cut myself out from the outside world and felt useless and abused. All I can say is that if it was not for Baba’s intervention, I would not be sitting at my desk and have my job as this colleague is very cunning and manipulative.

Thank you my baba, for resolving the issue as I humbly request you to.
baba is the ultimate. Have faith and patience in him. Hold onto his divine feet and he will not let you fall. I love you, Baba.

How Sai helped me in tough times

Hello all,
With the blessings of Baba, I would like to share miracles in my life. I do believe in baba since childhood.
Baba helped me in my marriage. We had a lot of issues with my marriage as the groom’s parents had a lot of restrictions. I used to visit Baba temple daily while going to the office a d pray for him. After a couple of days, purohit in the temple gave me the Sai Satcharitra book in my language and asked me to read it. After this incident, I started believing in him more, and finally, marriage happened without any issues.
After several years, I was looking for a job change. I gave an interview and waited for 2montbs for the offer letter.. with the blessings of Baba, I got the job after 2months. But after 2 years, that company got closed and I became unemployed. I again prayed baba and read Sai Satcharitra and with his blessings, I have got a good job within a week.
There are many such miracles. If we pray baba and wait with patience, we will get our wishes fulfilled.

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Sai Baba Miracles

Thank you baba for giving me this opportunity to spread your glory. Jai Sairam.

Sai Baba’s Kindness to my mom

My sincere gratitude to you for maintaining such a great platform to read and share Sai’s levels. You are definitely a blessed child of Baba to carry on with such noble work.
Surely this site is a big blessing to the devotees when they face difficulties in life.
Today I am going to share my sweet experience of Baba’s grace towards my mother’s health. As I promised to Sai Baba, I am writing this sweet Leela of Baba.
Last month I had lots of misunderstandings and unnecessary fights with my mother. I never had these kinds of issues in all my life with her.
I don’t know from where all these insecurities cropped up in me and this led to major arguments, blame, tears, and a whole lot of tension in the house.
After a few of the major spats, I saw her not feeling good and taking a rest. Then I would feel even more stressed out as my mom is my life and I don’t want any harm to her at any cost.

A few days back on my father’s death anniversary day we went to the temple to offer puja for that purpose. After we returned back home from the temple, we started preparing dinner. Initially, she was helping me but later, I found that she went to her room. I checked with her and she told me that her head and eyes were hurting and she is not feeling well.

Later on after dinner, she complained of uneasiness and shaking of legs and some palpitation with weakness and tiredness. I started praying to Lord Ganesha and my Guru Sai Baba to help her feel better. I gave her some Udi and also electrolyte to drink.
She felt a little better and slept off. In the morning time, she was feeling much better with little weakness.

The next few days she was majorly fine with slight tiredness. I again got worried for her health as many things started revolving in my head. I felt very nervous about her health as I kept thinking about the stress that she went through last 1 1/2 months because of our unnecessary fights. I prayed to Baba continuously to wash away all the negativity of all the stress from her mind and health and bless my mom with very good health and longevity. I took her to a doctor for a check-up. I prayed to Baba to bless my mom with fine health and long life. I promised Baba if her tests come normal, I am going to post this experience of Baba’s kindness in the forum. One very unique thing, while I was reading the devotee’s experiences, I suddenly came across an experience of a girl whose mom was having High BP and the doctor was running some tests, then she prayed to Baba for His kind Grace and everything turned out normal. This experience gave me more faith and positivity and somewhere I felt that mom’s test would also be fine. As I was expecting, the doctor got her ECG done then and there and I was very tensed as her BP was quite high there at the clinic.

I started reading SAI Satcharitra at that moment and also applied UDI to her chest and forehead. After a while doctor came in and told her that the ECG was normal and suggested certain things for the upkeep of her heart health.
He told her to release any stress she’s been holding onto and stay relaxed, and come for a check-up after 2 months.

I felt so relieved that I cannot even tell.
Thank You Baba so very much for Your Kind Grace and I pray to You to please keep me at Your Holy Feet for the rest of my life’s journey. Sai Baba please forgive me for all my grave mistakes and please bless me to become independent emotionally and financially in this world. Keep showing me the right path in this world to follow and bless me with peace and happiness.

Please shower Your blessing on me and all Your Devotees. Thank you Hetalji again for allowing me to post my experience here.

Baba helped to get released from a project

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Sai Baba
Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram 🙏🙏🙏 hello everyone
I am working in a company but I couldn’t cope with working shifts of my project I wanted to get released and get into another project. I asked my manager many times to release but he didn’t agree. I was scared to ask again if he will take any action against me. I was praying to Baba all this time. I was very stressed and couldn’t concentrate on anything. Daily I was asking Baba ” Baba change his mind please”.One day I saw one of Baba’s Instagram posts saying “you are thinking it will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow but it will take time”.I felt happy and sad at the same time happy as Baba is listening to everything I was praying and sad because I don’t know still how much time it would take. Finally one day I got released that too without taking any action against me. On that day Baba was wearing a black dress(same as Durga MAA wears a black dress on the last day of Dussehra Navratri) I felt like it is the end of the struggle. Thank you so much, Baba.Thank you for always being there for me when no one is there.

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Thank you for this opportunity to share your experience!! This is my first time sharing my experience sorry if there are any mistakes.


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