Baba helped me a lot in making my job easy – Sai Devotee

Hi All,

I used to work in my office at one of the location. but after marraige it was very far to go to that location from my in laws house and my husband is also very stubborn to change house near to my office. I used to travel like that only with lot of struggle from morning to night. Atleast I asked my managers help me move to other location which is near to my in laws house. they were also reluctant to make it so.

After that I prayed baba and did 5 weeks SAI BABA DIVYA POOJA and finally it was done. After so many trails I got transfer to my location near to in laws house because of baba grace.

I am thankful to baba. not only this he helped me a lot in various scenarios. And I feel he is with me always.

May baba bless all of us .

Thank you.


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