Baba Helped My Husband to Get His Job Back- Devotee from USA

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:  I am sharing this divine experience on this site to narrate an incident that happened in 2009. Please edit the contents if required and do not share my personal details.

I got married in Oct 2007 and moved to United Sates. I had to quit my job and move to the USA on dependent visa (H4 visa). I had written my GRE after my marriage was fixed and wrote the exam in about a month. By Sai’s grace, I did ok and got decent score. I was actively looking for a job in USA, but could not get a job, where the company was ready to sponsor my work visa (H1-B). I was very depressed and was not sure if I would ever get a job. My husband and in laws suggested that I pursue MS and then look for a job. So I started taking courses on campus.

Meanwhile I got an Indian consultant, who was ready to sponsor my H1B visa (April 2008). He said that I would have to take some training online and he would assign me projects if I got the visa in lottery. He was in a different state and assured me that he would find me projects in nearby area, where we lived (at least same state so that I would not have to travel a lot). I and my friend, who suggested this employer, both applied and luckily my visa got approved. I could not thank Baba more. However, due to economic crisis, there were no jobs. Though I was on H1B visa, I was not paid and it was more than 3 months. I kept following up with my employer and 1 day he sent an email saying my employment was terminated as I did not join.

I cannot express in words how depressed I was. There were a few complications with my Green card application and visa status and we had to go through a lot of pain. I think it was Baba’s indication for me to complete my higher studies. In early 2009, my husband’s company (Mechanical firm, hit most by recession) started laying off people to cope with recession. They first let go of all the contractors in the company. They then next started laying off associates. We kept praying Baba to secure my husband’s job. We had our EAD (intermediate document that lets you work in US). I was on campus attending career fair, hoping to get a summer internship. I got a call from my in laws saying that my husband was laid off.

I was devastated, I cried a lot. I asked Baba why he was putting me through all this. I told my husband to read Sai Satcharitra every day. He is a firm believer in God, but had never read Sai Baba Satcharitra before. He started doing the parayan (1 week), but he was very depressed. I also left 1 of my favorite food items till my husband got back his job and told Baba that once my husband gets his job back, I will offer it as Prasad and then only consume it. Meanwhile we were thinking of what to do, my husband’s company was going to pay half salary for 6 months and then decide to call him back or to let go. But sitting idle with no job would have made us go crazy, but we thanked God that we did not have to leave the country due to visa issues.

2 weeks later, my husband’s boss called. He said that they had position for 2 engineers and would like to have him back. Out of hundreds of people, who lost their job, just 2 were rehired, and luckily my husband was one of them. This is a very rare, we do not even have citizenship, but I strongly believe that Baba gave my husband his job back. He showed us the way, guided us and restored our faith in Him. I cannot even express my gratitude towards Baba and His Lela’s. He has always helped us through tough times. I hope Baba fulfils the dreams and desires of all His devotees. Om Sai Ram. Now we want to move back to India to be near our family. Baba, please help us. I know that You do whatever is best for Your devotees, till then please give us the Saburi (patience) and peace of mind. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.


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