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Hello Sai Devotees, here is one of the sai devotee stories of Baba is all time protector.

Om Sai Ram, I am a small devotee of Baba. Thank You Baba for taking care of us and protecting us like your children all the time. Thank You Admin people for publishing our experience. May Baba bless you with good health, wealth, and grace forever.

Experience: I started Parayanam last year, I usually read a big red book all the time. It usually takes one week time ( Sapta Parayanam). Starting from this year, I am not able to make it, I am sure wanted to read some or other time once a month. So I postpone reading after a week but next week also I was not able to make it. I casually went to the temple, having all of this in my mind.

Shirdi Sai is Universal Protector.
Shirdi Sai is Universal Protector.

I attended Aarti, then I went to Prasad Aalayam to collect my bowl, Surprisingly I saw three 9 Thursdays Vrath Books. I liked them somehow and picked them and took one for me, the rest two I distributed to other friends of mine. Somehow I recollected about that book and started reading slowly, immediately idea flashed in my mind that anyway I am not able to read Saptha Parayanam so at least I can do 9 Thursdays Vrath. I put chits in front of Baba, he showed me to do Parayana, then again I put next time and decided I have to be ready whatever baba shows me. I got 9 Thursday chit. I called my mother and asked her to put chits to Baba. She did the same and chit picked up by a small boy. She told me he picked 9 Thursdays Vrath.

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Baba Blessings.
Baba Blessings.

Then confidently I started the first week of Vrath. I was amazed that how Baba showed me early those books in the temple. This was the sign to start to Vrath. I did Vrath for the first week for my job and health. My tummy was upset and praying to Baba to solve this soon so I can do Puja. Here is Miracle of Baba in my first week – One of my friends accompanied me to the temple and offer me a job link, the next one this morning I woke up freshly without any tummy upset. I am sure Baba will surely help in my health and Job. Thank You so much Baba for miracles. Be with me all the time. Please grace people who are in need of you. That’s all devotees about Baba is all Time Protector. In case if you want to learn about Gardening, here is the complete guide: Gardening Tips.

Thank You
Om Sai Ram,


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