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Sai Devotee Experiences  #1 –  Got my Dream Job

Baba Job Blessings.
Baba Job Blessings.

Sai Devotee Latha from India writes Dear Sai devotees My humble wishes to all that are reading my experience. I am an ordinary girl with endless faith in Baba and I usually predict Sainath as Baba. I won’t beg Him in the usual manner as other devotees do. I simply talk to Him whenever I need to. Sometimes it would take minutes; sometimes it would take hours.

I came to know our Shirdi Sai Baba through my friend when I was sharing with her about my sister that was facing challenges to get pregnant. I started to do this Vrat sincerely and then slowly I started loving our Sai  Baba. On the other hand, my mother insisted me to pray for her if the doctors fixed her deadline (I had been unaware of them). I didn’t beg for my mother as I believed no disease will touch her. My mom passed away. I started avoiding talking with Baba.

Days passed by. Like a child longing for a mother’s love, I again started believing and having faith in Him. With Baba’s grace, I applied for a short-term course in music which was always my fantasy course(my family didn’t allow me to pursue this course after I finished my HSC, I chased after 6years). Two years after, I needed a job as an assistant professor. I applied to some big and famous college. They had conducted a written test containing 65 questions and I didn’t even have an idea about these questions plus I had been unaware of the test since their system of this interview was changed. They said if I passed, then I would be called for giving a demonstration after an hour. To my surprise, I handed and they directly picked me to the personal interview. This all happened due to our Sai  Baba. I always say to Him just one thing ‘Please Take Care Of Me Baba, My Friend ‘. Anything you face, do not worry; He’ll take care of everything. Keep smiling and love Baba as much as possible. Chant his name when you are in trouble, he will pull you even from death, that is the power of god sai baba.

Sai Devotee Experiences  #2 –  Sai Help in Getting  a Job

Sai Baba is Everywhere.
Sai Baba is Everywhere.

Sai devotee from India writes: I came to understand about this website in 2014 in my friend and decided to place my experiences. This is actually the first miracle occurred in 2007. When I had been running a business, one saint arrived in my office and requested me to give Rs.20/- like a donation. However, I didn’t believe him, therefore nothing has been given. The identical person came following a month or two and asked again a donation. This time he also suggested me to visit Shirdi after to avoid all of the issues, additionally informed that I will begin a new business in a coming year. I have given some donation this time and forgot exactly what he told me. After a time I got an opportunity to visit Shirdi along with my dad the first time. Since the saint said that my business had been running with quite great income and also began another business in another year first quarter. Afterwards, I had been, waiting for the saint but he never backs to my office. I strongly felt Baba arrived in the kind of a saint to give directions to me personally.

Another incident occurred in 2011 when I had been searching for a fantastic job as business wasn’t running cool. I am married with two kids staying in Hyderabad at the time. For searching a new job, I needed to move along to some other city where I joined with friends that are currently in the race to get task searching for the previous few months. I began attending interviews sincerely but missed two jobs somehow in the last minute. I informed this to my wife on the phone, she kept giving me sufficient confidence. After 1 month, I got an appointment letter with a fantastic MNC firm with one phone call for your sole 15-minute interview. I informed this fantastic news to my wife, then she said she had been doing Vrat for final 1 month and finished only now. This is actually Baba’s gift given to me personally and my family. I am the first man got the job since that 3 weeks period. This is actually a miracle and memorable experience in my life occurred with Baba.

Sai Devotee Experiences  #3 –  Job Miracle

Baba Blessing for Job.
Baba Blessing for Job.

Sai devotee from the USA writes: I would like to share my latest experience with you all on this blog. Thanks for providing such a nice platform to share devotee experiences.  I have been working in IT for many years and by Baba’s Grace gained great technical knowledge which helped in my existing project a good deal. My manager really appreciates me. But sometimes he expects me to help in other projects if there is an issue. The majority of the time, I try to help but this time he asked me to assist my teammate over the weekend. This is an unplanned activity for me and I had been trying to get rid of it whenever possible. As soon as I looked at the issue, I have overconfident that I can solve it in a couple of hours. However, the scope of this issue was increasing and I was working till 3 am in the morning. I was very tired and mad at myself for accepting to help. To solve this issue quickly, I took a calculated risk and did a manual manipulation of the information. I really don’t know why did I choose that decision. Perhaps Sai desired me to realize that I am becoming overconfident and arrogant.

After that in the morning when I woke up, I realized my mistake. I was very frightened that what if the fix I did, won’t function. Everybody will doubt my abilities and possibly I will lose my job. I realized my mistakes and surrendered to Shri Sai. I asked for Sai Baba’s pardon for my mistakes. I understood it’s all my fault but then I remembered Sai Baba’s advice from Shri Sai Satcharitra to even consider that it’s My mistake all the time is also proud. Eventually, everything happens per Sai Baba’s wish. I prayed continuously to Baba to get me out of this situation and when I start this page to see the Miracles, I found a similar experience where Baba saved one person’s job. I was quite relieved because I was sure Baba is going to get me out of this situation. And yes, I have my job now. There were not any issues with the fix I did. Thank You so much, Sai Baba, for The blessings. Thank You for forgiving my mistakes. Please be with us all the time.

Sai Devotee Experiences  #4 –  Sai Help in Exam and Job Promotion

Sai Help in Promotion.
Sai Help in Promotion.

Sai Devotee Priya from the United States writes: I am a staunch devotee of Baba and will walk the path He shows. My daughter had a tough time in her first year of school. She had been pretending to be doing well and lied that she is getting good grades, in reality, she was doing very bad. She did not tell us until she failed a subject and had to retake. She was far away from home and wasn’t easy to visit her often. We were really worried and my only hope was Sai Baba and cried for help. Before she retook the course, she had been visiting home. I decided to visit Sai Baba Temple with her and prayed Baba to assist her. She went back to retake the course and was really nervous. On the side, I had been praying Baba day and night for her to do well in the class. She was also praying Baba and had complete Faith. She took one of her tests but believed she’d done silly mistakes and anticipated bad grade. She expected to have just 70% and was feeling depressed as she had worked really hard. That night, I felt quite bad and was talking to Baba as to why this is happening to her. Next day she receives her paper and she has scored 98 percent and we were very surprised and Happy. This may not have happened without Sai Baba’s blessings. When she arrived home she wished to visit Baba’s Temple and thank Him for His help. Baba Always At His Children’s Rescue.

Another experience feels simple, however, it is Baba’s Leela. I had been feeling awful and my tears were rolling from my eyes. I was sitting in a car with several other folks and I did not want to reveal them that I was hurt, so requested Baba to allow me to control my tears, immediately all of my tears dried up. As I said it might appear simple, but it is truly a miracle. There was a fight between me and my husband and it was affecting the children. I decided to talk but was afraid he will refuse, so prayed Baba for His help and make my husband understand. Please always stay with us Baba and show us the right path. Om Sai Ram! Another recent experience is that My husband was looking for a promotion for nearly a year. In the last year, for 3 or 4 times, he came really close to getting encouraged and it never occurred. I prayed Baba to assist my husband and that I would post it. Only a week, he got promoted. Thank You so much, Baba. Please reveal the right path and be with us always. My brother had been travelling along with both his bags was overweight and we were afraid in which they will charge a lot of money for it. I prayed Baba and asked Him for assistance. Due to Baba, we ended up paying just for one suitcase. Baba, You know I am seeking You to get another aid and I will place it as soon as it happens. Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

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  1. During Covid I was trying to get my airfare refund but after trying for good 6 months it started to feel impossible. I was watching tv series and a sai program Shardha and saburi got me very impressed, I got faith in sai baba and started praying to him. It was a miracle that my refund got credit in my account which I was trying for 6 months but baba chamatkar made it happen in just one day.

    Another incident is that after doing several interviews I never got a promotion whereas all my co-workers who joined around same time as me got promoted. It hurts me but I was always happy for them. When I got really tired I started reading sai sacharita. It’s was nothing but baba miracle and grace that I got 6 interviews lined up and already got a promotion job offer last week. I love and devote mere sai from my heart. OM SAI RAM.


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