Baba Message in my Dream – A Sai Devotee Story

Hi there, we are presenting today one of the devotee’s stories which describes Baba message in my dream.

Hello, devotees of the great Shri Sai Baba. Let me start by saying that I became a devotee of Baba in 2019. My mother has been Baba’s devotee for a while and would often share with me some of her personal experiences of Baba’s miracles that she and other devotees she knows have experienced. I didn’t immediately turn to worship Baba back then, as they say, Baba picks his devotees at the time he wishes and he picked me as his devotee later in 2019. This is how it happened. My mother was experiencing severe dizziness and vertigo for an entire day and could barely sit up, she was lying down the whole time. When I spoke to her over the phone, she mentioned that she was in severe discomfort and was also suffering from nausea. Even my father sounded sort of helpless even though the doctor had prescribed medication, there was simply no relief. I couldn’t stand the thought of her suffering and decided to go to my local Sai Baba temple to pray on her behalf. I prayed to Baba saying “ Baba she is your devotee, as her daughter I ask you to please give her relief and to help her get better “. It was my first time going into that temple and the energy felt amazing. I left the temple feeling quite confident that my prayer was heard. Within a few hours, my mom confirmed she was feeling much better. Since that day I was drawn to Baba automatically.

Shirdi Sai Miracles.
Shirdi Sai Miracles.

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I started going to Baba temple every week. While this was going on, I was experiencing some personal issues myself which I wanted to rectify. I surrendered to Baba and requested him to help me get over my personal issues. Within a few weeks of consistent prayers, Baba appeared in my dream in the form of the temple idol with 2 silver coins covering each of his eyes.

The next day I told my mom about the dream and that I couldn’t quite understand why he had the coins covering his eyes? She explained to me that the two coins represented Shradha and Saboori, the two words Baba always preached and she said she once read that Baba had requested two coins from one of his devotees and explained that the coins were Shradha and Saboori!! I was thrilled beyond my wits hearing this explanation! From that day I always donate two coins to the Baba temple every week, I hold the coins in my hands, pray to Baba, thank him for guiding me and deposit the coins in the donation box. My life has changed in many ways for the positive and even the personal issues I was battling have smoothened out!

Baba in Shirdi.
Baba in Shirdi.

That’s all devotees about Baba message in my dream. Now, I cannot imagine a life without Baba! I have started reading the Shri Sai Satcharitra and I’m about 10 chapters in!!

“Bow to Shri Sai, Peace be to all”.  In case if you miss this: Organic Gardening Questions.


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