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Sai Baba Miracles:






Baba Miracle on my Birthday! – Devotee From India

Baba Miracle on my Birthday:

Miracle-1: This happened in this week. First one is, one of my sisters friend was not well at all and had a major surgery. Her situation was very critical. Doctors said there is not hope of her survival. It was so sad and i had tears in my eyes. Every minute I chant Baba’s Name. I just prayed Baba, please be with her, if she is out of danger immediately i will post this. (Baba, I am very sorry for the bit late posting). After two days only my sister came and said her friend is out of danger. I was so happy. Baba thanks a lot Papa.

Sai Miracles
Sai Miracles

Miracle-2: Second miracle is, Sai gave me such a wonderful and surprise gift on my birthday. Me and my husband, we know each other from childhood and now I am 30 years old. We never celebrated my birthday together. I fought with my husband and went to my parents place 20 days back,. Actually mine is love marriage. My parents stopped talking to us after our marriage. Recently they started taking to me only. My husband never visited my parent’s home. Finally my birthday came and I know that I fought with him but my concentration was on my husband only and feeling little bit guilty.I was not in mood to do anything on my birthday as i was thinking of my husband. I was feeling sad and like crying. I was just praying Sai Baba, please I want a gift from You. I don’t know what You will do, Just I want my husband on my birthday. I was asking Baba like a small baby. I was just praying. Exactly at 12 pm, my phone was ringing surprisingly it was my husband’s call. I was so happy and tears were rolling from eyes. Immediately my two years old daughter answered the call, my husband told her to come out. I just ran outside, my husband was standing in front of the gate. I don’t know what to do and surprised. I went to Sai Baba’s Photo and started crying like a baby with happiness. Baba gives me what ever ask Him. Baba love You a lot. Still I can’t believe this miracle which happened on my birthday. Baba please be with us for all the time in our life. Om Sai Ram…”sachinanda sadguru sainath maha raj ki jai”.


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