Baba Miracles in My Life – Sai Devotee from USA

Rekha  from USA says: Dear Sai devotees, I would like to share my experience with Sai baba. From my 10th standard onwards, I am a devotee to Sai Baba. I can feel the presence of Baba at every step of my life, whether it was good or bad situation I have never lost faith in Baba, it’s the greatness of Baba, once you believe Him, He will never let you lose the faith. 

Here are few of my experiences: 

  • With Baba’s grace, I got a nice husband. I gave my first wedding invitation to Sai Baba and prayed Baba to come for my marriage. It’s a ritual in our marriages, after the marriage while going to my in-laws house; my cousins do barath to some distance. While barath was going on a bullock cart with Sai photos (belongs to Sai temple) went before my car. A cousin of mine came to me and told that you will have a wonderful life as Baba blessed you guys by coming before going to your in-laws house. To my surprise, the bullock cart usually roams few of the streets in my town on Thursday’s, but my marriage was on Friday. I felt very happy. It is one small example how Baba understand the devotees feelings
  • When I was married my husband was doing Ph.D. After 6 months he completed his Ph.D and took a post doctorial research job in his department. But he wanted to do a job in one particular corporate company and he started applying job to only that company. In April (before Ph.D.), he attended the interview to that company and didn’t get selected. Again on Oct 1st (after Ph.D.), he attended the interview they told “We will tell you the result by Nov 15th”. We had very mixed feelings after the interview. We felt very tensed as we didn’t hear from them even after December 7th, he mailed them twice in November and didn’t get any response. We lost all hopes. After reading the Satcharitra experiences in few blogs, I had a small hope “Miracles may happen”. Then I decided to read Satcharitra on Dec 9th. On Dec 13th, he got a mail from that company, that he was selected. We had no bounds to our happiness. I was very much moved to this incident. I can’t express in words, but we know how important that job was.


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