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Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India. I know Baba from many days but I usually use to pray Him as other Gods. Once I had experienced His blessings as there was CET counselling, one of my uncle told me to pray Baba so that you will get the college as you wish. So normally I prayed to Baba about the college I wanted. Baba blessed me with the college as my wish itself. And then I thanked Baba and after that I didn’t prayed for Him. But before 20 days back I had such a blessed experience of Baba which I want to share with you.

As I am 24 now, in my home my parents are searching groom for me, they bought many proposals in front of me, all those proposals were liked by my parents, but not by me. But for parent’s sake, I use to say them as you wish. To my luck by one or the other reason all got cancelled. After that they again brought one proposal, but by hearing that there is 7 years age difference between me and him I rejected. I didn’t even see the photo of the guy but I rejected. After some days his mother called my mom and told that please send your daughter’s photo as we wish to see her. My mom told me, please at least send your photo, let them once see and after that everything is secondary. I agreed and I mailed my photo and even he mailed me his photo and as soon as I saw his photo, I liked him and by look wise we couldn’t recognize that he is 7 years elder than me. I told my parents that I am fine with this proposal so you can move on. As he was well settled and working in one of the MNC and his family background is so good. He is the only son, no sisters or brothers and heartily they are good people and financially they are very rich.

Baba Blessings
Baba Blessings

One Sunday they all came to my home and they saw me. We all were waiting for the reply but after one day they told that girl is little bit dark but they didn’t reject me and kept pending. I felt low for the response because this was the first proposal I liked. After two days as I am working in one of the software company while I was worrying about this, I remembered Baba and I searched through net and I got this blog and after reading all devotees experience I got faith in Baba and in the same day evening, i went to Baba’s Temple and I prayed about this proposal. I felt some positive feelings and next day morning, I got call from my parents that the guy parents informed that even though girl is little dark, she is good-looking, so as our son is going for abroad for 15 to 20 days on project basis, as soon as he will come back, we will respond for you. I felt happy for the reply. So i use to pray daily to Baba and I thought to read Sai Satcharitra. I searched for that book but i didn’t get.

As I moved to other place in paying guest far from my native and in the same day evening, I went to Pooja room in the pg to pray to Baba. To my surprise, I saw Sai Satcharitra book it was in front of Baba’s photo and I was very happy. Thank You so much Baba. I started to read it daily but after 15 days also i didn’t even have a single reply from them. But whenever I used to ask Baba about this matter through Baba’s answers blog, I would get positive answers as “your desire will be fulfilled and you will succeed by Baba’s blessings”. But I also felt so low and that night itself Baba came in my dream and told me, that put one rupee in your purse by remembering Me so that you should not lose it forever, so that everything will be fine in your life. He blessed me like this and He went away. I don’t know what was the reason behind this, but I felt very happy by this.

After one day, I got information from my parents that guy’s parents told us, that we had searched more than 10 brides for our son but none of the Kundali matched with our son’s Kundali, only your daughter’s is matching so as soon as he will come back we will be back to you with positive response. By hearing this, I got hope that Baba will do some miracle. Baba will fulfil my wish and still I am waiting for their reply. Please all of the devotees pray for me so that my wish should be fulfilled. If my wish comes true, I promise Baba that I will share my next experience in this blog. Love You Baba Please fulfil my wish and all wishes of all devotees. Jai Sai Ram. Thank you for all the devotees and special thanks to Hetal ji for creating such a nice blog and helped us to share all our experiences. Om Sai Ram


  1. Baba, I need success in my work & a good career to look after my family. It is been two years that no client is coming to me.. I have spent all my money and now I am spending my mother’s money. Being idle I started playing Rummy Circle and spending all money I have. I have got addicted to it.. Money just goes from my hand. I don’t want to do suicide, as my family will be on trouble.. I apologise for all mistakes I did in life. I would pray & beg you to please give away all my bad habits of gambling ( playing with money) and forgive me for all my sins. Please give me work . I will definitely do good for poor and whoever needs my help.
    I am at the verge of critical situation in my life .. Please show me a way .

  2. Hello everybody ..Om sai ram i m christian by religion but believe sai baba one of my colleagues told me about miracle of baba wat is faced by the grace of baba..I m so worried about my relationship Iam suffering from depression anxiety mental stressd in dis condition i hv gone to sai baba and I pray heartily to him every Thursday i go to temple i m waiting fOr his miracle andn I get back d person back in my life as I don’t have anybody. I have completely lonely life..please pray for me. I believe saibaba will listen. Next post, I will give theproof of his existance. Pray for me all..

  3. Please sai baba .. please fulfill my Splunk power user certification wish …I have given exam today and I am praying to you begging you that certification gets cleared
    I swear god I will leave non veg on Friday
    Please sai baba my promotion depends on it ..
    I am crying sai baba please please listen to my prayers and fulfill my power user certification wish 1st time only

  4. Baba I believe you. Surely you will fullfill my wishes. My son worked hard to get into IIT. Please do give him good rank. Due to difficult exam he performed less only. But everybody will do like that only. So please give good rank below 6000 fopr him. He believed you baba. He was preparing for the exam under your photo only. so please give him good rank. please baba

  5. Baba I want a hike in my salary. I really deserve to be paid high and I want RS SR back in my life. I really want him and I miss him so much. I really dont know what happen suddenly one clash and everything changed in my life. I really miss him so much and I was very true to him. I want him back in my life. Baba pour your blessing on me and my family. I expect good and peaceful things in my life.

  6. Hello everyone pls pray for me. I love a person but my and his family does not agree for relationship please pray for me to give back that person in my life . I am going sai temple daily . Please pray for me.

  7. My parents showed me a profile of a guy who was one year younger to me. Even I told them he is younger to me. They convinced and boy family came to see me. Boy told I don’t hv issue for 1year age gap and talked with me in a very comfortable way. We started texting in messenger. We both like each other so much. Suddenly his relative said he can’t marry a girl who is 1yr elder to him. I really felt bad. I thought I will marry him only. His parents said no. Baba please fulfill my wish I want to happily and joyfully get married to my Vivek with the blessing of his parents and relatives. God I really miss him God. Please ensure his parents and relatives agrees for our marriage. Sai Baba please give back my Vivek to me. I want to happily get married to him. Even there is so much of love in arrange marriage.

  8. Dear Sai ,

    Please help me out! Give me patience and baba please put me through this and get me the offer letter ., I love you baba..

  9. Sai Baba please give me strength and a calm mind to secure good rank in neet and aiims 2021.please baba and keep always all happy.

  10. Baba, I want of sale my old home, Due to covid its very difficult now but I trust, you help me.
    Keep blessing on me & fulfill my wish

  11. Baba,I love one boy deeply but different religion and language i like very much him.before he also love me lot but now he tald to like another girl.i can’t forget that boy now.i want my lover back to my life and want to marry him and we both will want to go abroad.
    I trust u very much baba.
    Keep blessing on me and full fill of my hopes.

  12. Om sai ram
    Baba I pray you every day and night as my husband passed away and
    In my children had some short of misunderstanding arguments since four children not talking to my elder daughter and her husband as I lost my husband and this happened I am so worried I want my family to be one
    All together
    I pray every min
    Please baba help me
    Can every one pray for me feel empty like havent got any one please baba help
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram

  13. Please pray for me..As my dad’s anger is getting worse day by day and his bad habits aswell..As mom is not felling well as she is suffering from athritis problem from many years..And by seeing my dad’s behaviour we are getting tensed..please include me in your prayers..Help us baba..We want to see a good change in my dad..OM SAI RAM.

  14. Baba please help me. I know i made a mistake and I regret it. I am changing and I need strength, support and courage to succeed in my deeds. I need to get into the college of my desires, I have never wanted anything in all my life. PLEASE BABA, PLEASE HELP ME.


  16. Please baba clear my debts. I can’t bear this stress anymore. It’s really painful for me. Please I can’t bear the insult. Please save me frm this humiliation. Please save me

  17. om sree sai ram!!
    Im writting neet this year . This is my 2nd attempt. I had many medical issues ( got tk dk a surgery) so not able to study properly, pls sai ram this time i should score well & get mbbbs seat. Let it be far .I promise ill help poor . I want to become doctor and ill serve needy people. After the results . I wish i would come to shirdi to see u, pls fulfill my wish baba.. Im stressed thinking of my result. I cant bear failure anymore, #sai ram

  18. Baba I am tired of constant struggles in my relationship. I am scared to death every single day with turn of events. I want him to respect me and not look at other women. We were in love but now I feel like I am the only one who cares about this relationship. Please help me. Make him realise how he is been bad towards me and make him treat me better

  19. Om Sai Sri sai Jaya Jaya sai
    Sairam Sairam Sai Sai Ram

    I have attended an interview on October 19th 2022, Wednesday at 4 o clock EST, Please bless me to be selected for either Financial data analyst or maintainance analyst posiition.

    Please sai Please, I liked this position very much don’t want to miss this chance. Please sai

  20. Om Sri Sai ram
    Baba please bless me.i have given interview for abroad company i want that job please bless me i should get my visa without obstacles please.
    Om Sri Sai ram


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