Baba Saved Me From Unemployment -Devotee From USA

One thing I fear the most in my life is unemployment. I have been through 1 yr recession in USA, but got job by Baba’s mercy after a very tough time. Since then, I beg Him not to make me jobless. I always ask Him to give me other project before losing the current one. He is only taking care of me till now from 2010.

As it is 2013 year end, many of you might have known how tough it is to hold on to jobs, especially in IT Contracting industry in USA. As usual the client, which I was working was having budget crunch and they were stopping the projects like crazy and there was no new work. My current project was till Jan 2014 and I thought job extension after that is impossible. If at all I lose my job in the year end (Nov/Dec), it is very hard to find new jobs. This was in October 2013 and I was literally praying and crying for Baba’s help. I always go to question answers site to relieve my stress by asking solutions to Baba. One such day, when I was too depressed and was fearing of job loss and my financial burdens, I went to and entered a number thinking of Baba and asking Him about my future. He gave me the following answer:

“Very soon there is Gurupushyamrut Yoga. (The day when Jupiter is entering the Pushya Nakshatra). On that day important work will be done. You will be happy and free from worries by November, December. New projects will be undertaken.”

I was very happy that He gave me a positive reply that I will undertake new projects, but I was wondering how will I be undertaking new one’s when my current one is till Jan 2014. Then time passed by and November month came. Suddenly our current project members were called to a meeting and were told that the project, which we were working on and was about to go live in Jan 2014, will be shutdown. This is a big shock to everyone as it is a very big project and it is almost done. They said they will try to find new projects to place each one of us, if not they cannot help. I felt like they were saying that they were going to fire us soon.

That weekend I passed in heavy tension and I was waiting for Monday to listen about any new projectsthey can push us to. And you know what, my kind merciful father keep His promise. He gave me a project, which was till April 2014. I was assigned to that project along with other person. In a span of 1 week, they changed the second team member 3 times, but I was not moved. I am still here and working in the new project.

Only God knows what I would have done, if at all I lost my job. I had so many financial fears, so in one way He saved me from a big calamity. As He promised, He gave me a new project, which was till April 2014 (longer than the one which I was working). So from this, I want to tell all the readers that our merciful father will save us from calamities. When there is no other way and no one to help us, just ask Him for His help and trust His words. Keep faith and wait, He will never let us down. Om Sai Ram!


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