Baba Saved my Mother Life – Devotee from Malaysia

Sai Devotee from Malaysia says: Om Sai Ram. I really don’t know how to start if there is mistakes please amend on behalf of me. I get to know about Baba by my close friend. I start to visit Baba Temple in Singapore. That time i really don’t know Baba’s Grace. I went because i like to see Him and not as a sincere devotee. In year 2009 my life became upside down. Actually i was working in Singapore with well paid salary and residence in my cousin house. Because of my bad time i resign and was back to Malaysia to stay with my mother. Same time my brother in law quarreled with my sister and snatched the children from her. Because of this incident my mother become very sick and admitted to ICU.

Early morning 2 am the doctor told me and my sister that my mother is having very less chances to survive. Me and my sister started to chant Baba’s mantra and prayed to Baba to help and return my mother life. I promised Baba that i won’t eat until my mother gets well. The next day my sister told there is Baba centre at town area. Without wasting a single second we went to Baba’s center. The first thing i saw in center is there is Baba picture and written “why fear when I am here”. This word means a lot to me. I felt all my tension, sorrows, fear come to end. I just looked at Baba’s eyes. I sense He was there for us. My sister told to Panditi and He gave Udi and mentioned within four days your mother will speak to you all. With Baba’s grace my mother opens the eyes and starts to talk but doctor said that there is still no hope. I cried to Baba and i mentioned to Baba if my mother does not deserve to survive i will end my life too.

After two day it’s Thursday and i put ghee lamp to Baba and cry and cry. Suddenly i remember the words mentioned on Baba Vrat book which states that don’t be empty stomach while doing Vrat and my inner voice said that i should not go against Baba words. As mentioned earlier i never eat anything for seven days because my mother was in critical condition. I promised to Baba i will eat but i need to hear good news from doctor. Before visiting my mother i consume food and went to hospital. What a miracle the doctor said my mother can be transferred to normal ward because her health condition is getting better. That moment cannot be described how i was blessed by Baba and His love. Sai Baba never let down His devotee. He always love us like parents, guide like teacher, and reminds us like friend. He is everything for me. Baba please forgive me for the mistake i done and thanks to guide me to share Your miracle in my life. Many thanks to the team whom made this blog.

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