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Ranjana  from India says: I am Ranjana Tripathi, born in Calcutta and staying in Gurgaon. By Qualification I am a Software Engineer and an MBA. I completely believe in God and have been talking to them since childhood. I felt their presence in small small things often, but still had my area of doubts often.

As I sit to type my experience, believe me I am still in the state of awe and Ecstasy and few moments of my disbelief. After I left my job in corporate for my only son, who is now 11 years old, I had my time of ups and downs in the matter of heart and head. I missed my work as well loved my child so much that I couldn’t leave him in the hands of maids etc. During that time somehow I was attracted to Healing and Alternate therapy like Reiki. I learnt Reiki, Karuna Reiki and finally Angel Therapy. I started believing some good energy of Angels around me, but kept asking for small proof from them often.

I loved Sai Baba in all forms. Once I prepared khichdi at home in big amount and went to Sai Baba temple to feed the poors searching Him in the crowd or some kind of sign that He was also there. But no such feeling of His presence came. I completed my Sai Satcharitra in one week and looked for Him. Most of the time I visited Sai temple near to my house on Thursday and talked to Him. One day I was upset and felt my life is moving in a very boring way and no energy no God support is there to guide me. But as fast as the thought came it went back as well. And then one fine morning I was watching TV. When my landlady came downstairs and told me that a guava seller has come and has brought very sweet guavas and I should purchase. I came out and saw a man, who never came in our lane before. When I was buying guavas, I felt as if He was staring me. It was strange, but nothing awkward. I bought it and paid him and came back as soon as I kept the packet I felt my forefinger ring gifted by my father was missing.

I was shocked as it was there before the seller came. I ran outside, but it was nowhere. I searched at home, but in vain. I went upstairs and shared this to landlady. She convinced me that may be while sleeping I might have opened and kept it elsewhere. I knew the ring was not loose. I knew I had not opened it then my heart was not sad as somewhere I felt something was related to the guava seller. But how? There was no answer. Next day at him time I and land lady planned to ask him. Exactly we were discussing about him and he appeared. I was about to ask about the previous store of guavas when he himself explained me that last days guavas were packed separately in a polythene and new guavas were there in tokdi. So the plan that may be the ring has fallen in the tokri couldn’t be executed. I was alone with him when I told him that I will not buy guavas today as I have at home and asked him to come tomorrow. On this he replied with a smile Koi Baat Nahi(no problem). His smile was different, but still I had no feeling or I can say somewhere my heart was saying something to me.

I came inside when he left and went to my home temple where Sai Baba statue and photo is there. I talked to Him and said that this ring is my papa’s gift, but no problem. I know You have taken it so I am not worried. That day I wore another ring on my forefinger, but next day morning I felt I should make this finger empty as my ring is lost and should not wear any other ring on it. I opened that ring and kept it in Almirah. In the mean time I also looked in numerology book for the lost item where first day it came it was in softa area. So I kept searching near the pillow and bed. Next time it came it will be near the heat area and I was wondering will I get it near gas stove, but it was ruled out as my that area is always cleaned twice and thrice and now it was third day.

Well in night I was preparing Chappati and my son was in another room. While preparing I was thinking about numerology book and was wondering how the ring can be near stove area. No chance. When I lifted the chappati and was shocked to see that my ring was on my finger. Yes on my finger. Already I worn by me. It came back to me in the same was as it got vanished. I can’t describe the shock, a liite bit fear, happiness all kind of expression and moods came that moment. IT was MIRACLE as I opened the question book of Sai Baba and got the answer. I saw His few pictures and tried to see the guava seller face and it was so similar. He was BABA. Since then that seller has never come back. I looked for him continuously three to four days. No he will not come because BABA made me understood what I wanted to understand. I love You BABA. May Baba bless everyone.


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