Baba Unbelievable Miracles – A Devotee Experiences

Baba Unbelievable Miracles.
Baba Unbelievable Miracles.

Hello sai devotees, we are presenting today with a unbelievable miracles of Baba. Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of Baba. I experienced lot. of miracles from the day I started believing him.

Sai Baba Unbelievable Miracles from Sai Devotee

Thank You. so. much Baba for everything. Thank You admin and team. for publishing my experience. May Baba bless you all with good health and many more of your wishes get fulfilled.

Experience one of Baba Unbelievable Miracles:

This year I started getting. small health issues. It. looks minor but I am scared to listen results from doctors. I was never like this before, but now when ever health triggers then I started panicking my self. Any way I decided to do Baba’s Parayanam then parallelly visiting doctors. Three years back I went to vision test several times due to my optic nerve and some other tests. After many tests doctor said, as of now nothing but visit often and check the vision. I said ok and left it because we wanted to take second opinion also. I totally forgot and left it. Three years later recently my husband took appointment for both us then we visited doctor. She tested my husband and said good improvement in vision. I was happy for that. Then for me she said everything looks good but I see some nerve, so she want to make sure it came up by birth or something else so she referred for further testing. Here the testing day has arrived, I started praying Baba and doing Parayanam. I took Baba’s books and held in my hand during the test and I said Baba I am not one doing test here as you are with me and doing test your self. Finally I have checked with nurse about my result. She said, can’t tell result and will e-mail it to doctor. she would call you. I thought something wrong. in. the test. I. went directly to Indian store and bought baba books and said baba that if I get good results then will distribute 9 books with haldi kumkum and offered sweet to him. Next day morning I was waiting for results and started reading my last day of Parayanam, about to finish last chapter, My husband got a call from doctor, she spoke to me and said nerve looks fine, but vision test bit tricky still you don’t have to come back. right away to me. will see you next year. I was so relieved as it is not major issue. Its purely Baba’s and Lord Narayana miracle.

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Baba Original Picture.
Baba Original Picture.

Second Experience of Baba Unbelievable Miracles:

I went to my mammogram, I had. cyst. so. every year to get. it checked. This year I. delayed bit, went. for testing during my Parayanam. Nurse said, results would be compared with previous years so next morning. I got a call and heard everything looks good. I was so happy to hear that and cried infront of Gods out of happiness. Thank You Lord Narayana, Durga ma, Gayatri mama and Baba.

Third Experience: Yesterday( Thursday), I finished Parayanam and preparing sweet and other prasadams for Baba. I heard sweet news from my mother. I was very happy. Thank you Lord Narayana and Baba. I went to temple, distributed Prasad and Baba books to 9 people. I heard good news that my daughter got good results in her test. So happy. Thank you Baba and Lord Narayana. I joined in one dance group for one event, never tried steps seriously from child hood. I was not able to cope- up with my group. During my Parayanam, every day I see Baba’s face and go out for dance. My choreographer complimented me well. Thank you Baba. I got recognizition in group because of your grace.

I observed many miracles during my parayanam. We all need to believe him purely and wait with patience for good results. As Baba said we should not criticize any one. We all should love every one with sweet heart. Then only Baba likes. Still small health issues need to solve but I am sure Lord Narayana and Baba will definitely grace on me more miracles.

I am sure Baba always bless every one with good health and their other wishes to get fulfilled.

Om Sai Ram!!

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  1. Baba . As u helped nishtha in getting PR of Australia . Help naisha also. She is not doing well in PTE exam. Only u can help her in scoring 8 band. U alway came whenever we call u. Pl this time also. U know what all we have go through. Aa jayo. Pehle jaisa chamtkar dikha jayo. She alone can not do it.


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