Baba Wonders in My Life – Devotee From Australia

Hi sai devotoees, I am one of the devotees just like you and would like to share my experiences on this wonderful blog. I reside in Austrlia and I have been praying Baba since 2005.I just can say, I am nothing without him. Sai knows what we want and gives accordingly. We only need shradda  and saburi as indicated in sacred sai satcharitra. Baba made wonders for me.

Let me put 2 of my experiences here.
Experience 1: I read Sai Satcharit daily and used to imagine in my mind about baba’s time back in 1900’s in shirdi. I always feel that how luck the shirdi people to spend with god. I also used think, I should have been in those times to get the real baba’s presence. One fine day, I was reading a  chapter in satcharitra where Sai gives a coin to an ardent devotee to put in his shrine in his  home. I felt in my heart that we are not lucky enough to get a coin from you. Now Baba shows his miracle. In Australia. After 2 days, I went to work at a convenience store. A man about 60 years old entered into store just like a normal customer and came to me and flipped an old copper coin and said with a pleasant smile on his face “This is your lucky coin, keep it with you”. and then he left the store without doing any transaction or saying. I was stuck with tears in my eyes by seeing the Sai miracle. I really thanked baba for coming to me and fulfilling my wish. This miracle happened about four years back and I still kept the coin in our shrine. I had placed a baba photo on this coin. This miracle explains, baba will be with you always, if you pray with love and devotion. I know, I am not at all deserved for all these, but he gave me more than what I wanted in my life.

Sai We Love You
Sai We Love You

Let me put another experience here.
Experience 2: This miracle is about “UDI” power. Couple of days back, my wife cam from work and she complained that she was not feeling well at all. Immediately I rushed from my work to home. She was having high fever and did not come down even after taking medicine. I just cried in front of baba to heal her. I prayed with devotion saying that ” Baba you have all powers and do wonders and I don’t have anybody except you, If this is true, should become alright in an hour “. I took some “udi”(got from shirdi) and applied on her forehead and some fruit juice. Baba showed his udi power, within an hour she started feeling better and fever came down. Next day morning she was normal and went to work. we always thanked baba for his help and support that he provided when we were in tough times. He completely changed my life emotionally and financially. Thank you “Baba”. I always owe you Sai. Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. 


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