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Baba you are Great – Sai Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi. Om Sai Ram to all the Baba devotees. I am regular reader of this site and i must say, this is a very good source  of knowing Sai Baba and His Leelas more closely. I am fortunate that Baba chose me as His devotee, blessed me and allowed me to share my experience. I came to know about Baba through my sister, who is an ardent devotee of Baba. Initially for me Baba was just like an another form of God and i did not pray whole heartedly but slowly slowly my faith in Baba has started to increase and now He has become my everything, my father, my mother, my friend everything. He is always there to guide me in every situation. I feel Baba is inside me. Talking to me whenever i feel low, guiding me whenever I am going to make any decision. In last few months i have experienced innumerable Leelas of Baba which i would like to share with all other devotees. 

With the grace of Baba, i got married in 2012. I got a very nice family and loving husband. Immediately after marriage i got pregnant. I was not ready for pregnancy as i was not working and wanted to settle first in my career. We decided to terminate the pregnancy but somewhere inside i felt someone is pushing me to proceed with the pregnancy and I proceeded with the pregnancy. My pregnancy was very complicated. Every month i suffered with problems, my health deteriorated. I was worried for my child as he would also be suffering but whenever i went for ultrasound, doctor said that my child is growing healthy and normal. During labour, there were some complications. My mother gave me water mixed with Udi before going to labour room. I started chanting Sai Baba name in labor room and to my surprise i felt no pain and my baby was born very easily. Even all the doctors were surprised and shocked. For them it was a miracle but for me and my family it was a blessing of Sai on me and my child. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Sai Baba already told my sister that a baby boy will be born through the Sai Baba Question answer site. Now my baby is 9 months and he listens to Sai mantra very quietly and smiles. 

I wanted to do job as i didn’t want to be a housewife. I gave many interviews but every time i failed. I was very depressed and sad. It’s been 2 years that i have left job and now no one was willing to give me job again with a package i expected because of the gap. I started doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and after 4 Vrats i got a job with the package i expected. I was very happy and thanked Sai Baba for showering His blessings on me. Sai Baba knows everything, just like a mother He can’t see His children suffering. Sai Baba cannot see any of His devotees suffering. We all need to have Shraddha and Saburi. My husband got his onsite to Germany and he told me to accompany him, but i did not want to leave my job and go there as dependent. So he told me to apply for MBA there in Germany near to his office. I applied there saying, Sai Baba now You do what is best for me and my child and with Baba’s grace my application was selected and I had an interview with the director that too on Thursday. I got through the interview and got selected. We were very happy. We had started the visa process. Me and my husband both applied for visa on the same day. 

Now since i have applied for student visa, the process was going to take some time around 4 weeks while my husband visa would be processed within 1 week and he was asked to fly immediately once the visa arrives. I was very scared as I didn’t want to fly alone. I talked to Sai about my problem and to my very surprise my visa came before my husband’s visa. This is a miracle of miracle. Now we are flying together. Once we leave everything to Baba, Baba is always there to take care of us. I love You Baba and thank You for all the blessings. Please always bless me like this Baba. I know i have done many mistakes but please forgive me. Baba bless all Your devotees and please be always with them. 


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