Beautiful Sai Expereince – Devotee from Delhi

Sai Devotee from India says: Hello all, i am working in Delhi. I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since few years and Baba has helped me in some way or the other. By Baba’s grace, i had the chance of visiting Shirdi twice, once with a friend and the second all by myself. I have been reading Sai Satcharitra that has drawn me to Sainath like a bee to a flower. I have been in love with a guy for almost two years, but we being from different religions, are facing lot of issues. The guy’s family is totally against the marriage. Another problem is that I am a year elder to him. I have decided not to give up on him and fight all what it takes, however he has surrendered to sacrifice his own happiness for his parent’s wishes. We both have been fighting since last 6 months and have not been able to find any solution. Sainath is the only one who loved Hindus and Muslims equally and highly encouraged the union of the two, which is why i have been asking for His help. I know He is not going to just appear and tell me the solution, He is only going to send signs through mediums, and i will have to understand those signs and build the solution myself. I experienced one of these signs when i was travelling from Mumbai to Delhi in a chair car train. I saw an aged uncle who was a Muslim standing at the end of the coach and i thought to myself it would be so nice if i could interact with him and ask him about my problem. I still don’t know whether it was sheer luck or Sainath’s grace that he came and occupied exactly the seat adjacent to me.

Then later, I was wondering whether it would feel awkward to talk to a stranger. And then, suddenly he broke the ice and reassured me to sit comfortably as I was like just his daughter. I felt so relieved and thanked Sai for giving the opportunity. I then started conversing with him. He was very kind. He explained me all the things that happen in their culture, about Namaz, Roza, Haj and lot more things. When I asked him about the acceptance of a Hindu-Muslim marriage in their community, he himself explained that love knows no religionand explained it first with the example of nargis and sunil dutt contemporary to his time and then with an example from his own family. He explained that initially they also had problems in adjusting, but now their family is very happy with the Hindu bride. He also said that acceptance is not just from the society’s perspective but depends a lot from the family’s perspective and the couple has to be very tough to survive such a sensitive time. I was relieved with his assurance that things are possible and thought that Sainath Himself had come in his form to help me and reassure me. However, after that incident, it’s been almost a month since I have got any sign or help. I have been crying and praying for help but I have not been able to feel anything. I prayed to Sai Baba to appear in my dream once and assure me not to give up on Him, but that too in vain. I don’t want to give up hope, as Sainath has only asked His devotees to keep Shraddha and Saburi; however at the same time, I have been thinking whether i am asking for something which is impractical or just living in the illusion that it will happen and then keep hurting myself. Through this site, I want to ask fellow devotees who are close to God and have felt Sai many times, about the doubt that is plaguing my mind, to help me as to what should I do. I would consider their answers as Baba’s hints himself.  Om Sai Ram!


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