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Sai Devotee From India Writes:

Om Sai Ram!,
I had so many fruitful experiences of Sai blessings that i don’t know from where to start. I consider myself very fortunate to be blessed with Sai love & be his child.
My belief in Sai was build up in year 2007/08 when i first time read Sai Charitra and baba gave me his live darshan at my home. I still remember that day when he came to my house as a saint, me and my mom in spite of knowing that this is saibaba because he resembled the same as i saw the real picture in sai book.we were lost so much that did not to anything special and gave him fruits.That was the when my family was going under much stress, my dad was very unwell. After undergoing treatment at Delhi for 1 month he came back home. Sai Baba blessed my family and my dad and saved him.
My belief in Sai was day by day increasing because of his blessings on me in my tough times. I am a doctor my profession and my journey till now including all my exams has been fruitful without failures was just because of Sai. It was just his blessings , without him i could have not done anything. He is the only one who hold my hands and made me a doctor today because i deserve nothing. Whenever i prayed him, he has always listened me and fulfilled my wishes.

Shirdi Sai Baba.
Shirdi Sai Baba.

This biggest miracle which he showed me was when my dad made a plan to visit shridi. I just cannot forget that instance. My dad is a kind of little different person. He does not believe in visiting god’s places much. I use to always talk to my mom, and always use to say that i really want to visit shridi but i think my this wish will get fulfill after wedding. My husband is only going to take me because papa will never go. And here it comes, my dad made all the plan and me and my family flew to Mumbai. After one day of stay there, we left to shridi, we had such a amazing experience and incredible darshan of shri saibaba. I just cannot explain in words. When i was in lane to darshan i was all in tears with happiness. We had very good darshan and we took so much prasad with so many packets of udi that we still use it till date.this event was something extraordinary. It was only Sai who called us himself to visit him and take his blessings and to get rid of our sins.
Even during those days when i had to tell my dad about my choice for the marriage. He gave me the courage to do it and its just because of his blessings that my dad agreed for this marriage. All well very well and i had a lavish wedding which was just because of Sai. Every time when i did Sai Sacharitra path, Baba had always blessed me with my desires. He was blessed me in my dreams too.
I has so many other small small experiences that i don’t even remember now. We humans are selfish that after fulfilling of demands and forget. But that only my Sai who has the big heart to forget all my faults.

Sai We Love You
Sai We Love You

This one is the latest experience of last year and the most shocking one.I am currently living in UK with my husband. I have made a small mandir in my living area with sai murti in it as well. To purse my career here i gave a exam here and was quite sure that i will pass it because i never met with failure before. I even did Sai sacharita path for 1 week. When i went to take my result i was very happy and overconfident because i was in pride for Sai blessings on me. When i opened my result, i was shattered. I just cannot express my feelings in words. I was so disheartened that after reaching home, i was in tears in front of him, felt betrayed by him, said so much to him and went up in my room and while crying i slept. In my dreams, i saw that while i am going downstairs to my living room, i could see bright light and saw Sai baba standing in front of my mandir. I was in tears and fell on his feet. He said me that “why are you upset? Everything will be good, don’t worry”. And i woke up from sleep. I still remember the whole scene in front of my eyes. That day made me realize that Baba listen each and everything and he is always there for his devotees,no Matter where your are. From that instance my belief on Sai baba has increased more. After that i gave that exams many times but has not passed yet. I get disappointed every time but i still hope that baba must be preparing something best for me and will help me soon to go ahead in my career. I have full faith and trust on my sai and his words which are ‘Shradha and saburi’ which means faith and Patience.
Friends i have full faith on Sai and i know that he will never do bad for us. For some time we feel that he has disappointed us but that’s just his plan to do something much better and good for us.
Om Sai Ram and keep loving Sai. Sai is the world.

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