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Anonymous Devotee from United States says: Allah Malik (God Is One, God is the Lord, God is the sole Owner). I am a software engineer working in US and recently started praying to Sai Baba after a lot of Miracles about Him. I am reading His Sai Satcharitra Book, whenever I find time. 

Om Sai Ram. Sai Shyam Sai Bhagwan to all devotees. May all of us Have Sai Blessings. I want to share my experience here. I have been reading Sai Baba Miracles on Facebook and had link which will answer your question. Then I had question in mind and i asked Baba. He said “Make a $1 donation and all your wishes will come true in a year”. So I was puzzled that where to make donations and how? Next day it was Tuesday and I went to nearest Hanuman Temple and offered $5 donations, but somehow my mind was saying that, there is something else I am asked to do. Then a miracle happened, I usually order chapattis weekly at a known Aunty place and i did same thing. I placed ordered on same Tuesday, when I went to Hanuman Temple. Aunty told me that it will be ready by Thursday come and pick it up. 

I went on Thursday as usually to pick it up. Aunty was not there at home when I went, but she had an other guy who helps her out and takes care of her business during her absence. So i took it from him and gave him the money. He immediately asked for tip, which i hesitated to give him. Because in my mind it was running that I gave tip to aunty to give it to him, when his wife gave birth to a baby boy just three weeks back and I told him the same thing to collect it from aunty. Usually that guy never ask for tips, he just take whenever/whatever is given. While he was giving change $5 (this is want I donated at Hanuman Temple), suddenly I saw Sai Baba Picture glowing on wall. I went to auntie’s place several times like almost monthly once to collect homemade chapattis, but never noticed Baba’s picture on the wall, that day I noticed Baba’s picture glowing and keep Namasakar in my mind and took the $5 change and left the place back home.

While driving back home, I was thinking about the Baba picture on wall, why i didn’t noticed it all these days. Then slowly I understood that He came to take donation from me in the form of that guy and it was the same amount i.e. $5 which I have donated at Hanuman Temple, but by the time I realised my mistake, I reached home and couldn’t go back to aunty because it is 1hr drive two way. So I came home, took bath and offered prayer to Sai Baba and placed the same $5 at His picture and said sorry Baba. I couldn’t realize that it was You who came to take donations for me. I also said that, i will give tip to that guy next time, when i go there. Please forgive me Baba. 

As all devotees know in Sai Satcharitra Book it is written if Baba wants to take any donation or anything from you, He will come and ask in any form. In one way I was Blessed/Happy that Baba came to me to test me or take donation from me and on other side I was sad that I couldn’t offer donation to Him. So I request Baba, sorry for my act and i place the donation at His picture and will give donation to that guy when i visit that place. I also offered one Namasakar as per His Book. Dear devotees please let me know if i have done anything wrong or what else can I do. Sorry for long description as I want to share my experience in simple and clear words. 

Om Sai Ram. 


Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello , first of all Thank You for this wonderful platform for sharing our experiences. I want to be anonymous, please don’t share my name and id. Sai Baba is everything in my life. He is always giving us whatever we want on time. 

Now i am sharing my experience. This experience is very small but really amazing. I am working in software field. I was in project and that project was having timing second shift 2 to 10 PM, so i want morning shift project. I asked for release, and then by Sai Baba grace, smoothly i got release from that project. Now i was searching for new morning shift project. 15 days gone, i gave lot of interviews but did not get any project. I like tea a lot, without tea i cannot start my day. One day (Monday) morning i told to Sai Baba that i am leaving drinking tea. When i will get project, then only i will have tea. 

That day itself i gave one interview and next day result came and i got selected for that project. I got one more positive answer from a project. Then next day Tuesday i joined project. This miracle can happen because of Sai Baba only. Thanks Sai Baba, I told i will share my experience with all devotees. 

I did two time Sai Guruvar Vrat also, and read Sai Satcharitra three times (7 days Parayanam). My papa is reading Sai Satcharitra daily, my papa is worrying about my marriage because it is getting late, but i am sure my Sai Baba have some plan for me, He will give me a best life partner on perfect time, that’s why my marriage is getting late. Sai Baba knows everything about us, He has plan for all, He will do best for us, our wishes will come true definitely, we have to keep firm faith and patience on Him. 

Thanks for giving me chance to share my experience with all devotees. Please correct my English if there is any mistake. Sai Baba sorry, if i have done any mistake. Thanks to all devotees for reading this experience. Please Sai Baba bless all of us. 

Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. 


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