Couple of Baba Miracles – Devotee Experiences

Couple of Baba Miracles.
Couple of Baba Miracles.

Couple of Baba Miracles

Hello sai devotees, we are presenting couple of baba miracles for you.

Couple of Baba Miracles #1: How sai baba helped me

Jai Sai Ram to all the devotee of Baba. I want to share baba’s miracle in my life which happens today i have full faith in my Sai he listen to his devotee and shows his miracle. I have known and believed in Baba f for the past 9 to 10 years.Now i am narrating miracle of baba in my life. i had a blood test few days back due to some health problem when the report came my cholesterol is high and vitamin D is very low and most important is my urea creatinine is very high my mother in law went to our CGHS doctor for showing my report to recommend medicine for me ,when doctor uncle saw the report he said i am in very serious condition as my urea creatinine is high and my one kidney is 50% damage. My mother in law was very upset she came home and called me i was in office that time and she said beta doctor uncle said few things by reading your report will talk once you came home , I was equally tensed by hearing my mother in laws word but I have full faith in my baba and I told him that baba its up to you now you will see what ever will happen to me .i went home and my MIL said doctor uncle was saying your 50% kidney is damaged we have to show you some big doctor for consultation, I was very worried and my husband told that not possible at all and we have to be very strong as it can affect us mentally.

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Shirdi Sai Miracle Stories.
Shirdi Sai Miracle Stories.

I cried and prayed to baba that is this possible if you are with me , no that’s not possible ,if you are with me nothing can happen to me I have full faith in you and I know u will cure me .after two days I went to Lodhi road temple with my husband I cried there in front of my Baba. That day baba came with me at my home I did puja and evening arti with my husband and applied baba UDI on my stomach, I prayed to him and put UDI in water and drank the same by chanting JAI SAI RAM JAI SAI RAM. And today ie. 19nov2019 I went to RML Hospital for checkup Nephrologists doctor saw my report and told me nothing to worry about that urea creatinine can up down easily all I have to do is to take care of my food habits as my cholesterol is high and have to take vitamid D medicine there is nothing to worry about. I was so happy and thanks to Baba for bearing my tension he take all my tension with him and cure my mental stress ,this is a miracle of baba in my life, I LOVE MY SAI may baba blessed to all the devotee and full fill there wishes.

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Couple of Baba Miracles #2: Reached airport on time

Om Sai Ram.. Thank you Hetal ji for providing this devine platform for sharing our experiences, baba’s miracles and stories.
I am a Sai devotee from last 10 years and experiencing Baba’s miracles since then. Once you become a devotee of Sri Sai, you will start feeling baba is there all the time with you, listening to your prayers, providing solution to your problems, guide you in some or the other way.
I would like to share my recent experience. I live in USA and was travelling to India for vacation and Visa stamping. My flight was scheduled for departure at 4pm and airport is 2 hrs away from my home. I started with my daughter at 11.30 thinking will reach by 1.30 which is much more sufficient for me to complete the formalities. For my surprise, there was heavy rains and huge traffic jams every where and the ETA on maps was getting delayed every time i check and was tensed. My daughter fell asleep and I was driving and got literally tensed about missing my flight. I started chanting Sai naam japa and praying for reaching on time without any hurdles.
By Baba’s grace, we reached exactly on time and completed all the formalities hassle free and we were able to board out flight. Sai baba is our saviour and always there for devotees who sincerely pray and seek his blessings. Shraddha and Saburi are the 2 great ways to get near to Sai baba. Please bless and guide us always.

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A strong devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and rendering some services for devotees by maintaining this blog. You can submit your expereince or miracle with Shirdi Sai Baba. Please share this blog and keep visiting for more Sai Baba miracles. Sai bless all!.


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