Couple of Baba Miracles – Sai Devotee

Expereince/Miracle 1:Anonymous devotee from US says: Om Sai Ram. Happy New Year to all. This is my second experience posting in this blog. I want to share my recent experience when we went to Sai Baba’s temple on Thursday. Please edit wherever is necessary, sorry about my language.

I am doing Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat and that is 4th Thursday so I wanted to visit Sai temple nearby. We started by 3.30 pm and reached there by 4.20pm, meanwhile I was praying to Sai that today we couldn’tstay up to aarti time (6 ‘o’ clock) due to winter season we have to go back early, so please give Yourblessing in any form (small picture or flower or Sai abhisekam). When we entered the temple nobody was there except priests and when we touched the lotus feet of Baba, there were some small Sai calendars, I felt happy and asked priest to give one for my kid and he gave. I completed Sai Satcharitra parayan of that day at temple and it was 5 pm and people were filled in the temple, praying to Sai Baba that please do something so that I can stay up to aarti time, immediately my husband took Sai Satcharitra and started reading and completed by 5.15pm and then some couples started performing abhishekam to Sai Baba (my second wish fulfilled) and we felt very happy and went there. 

As we stayed for 1 hr already in temple, my daughter was feeling bored wanted to go back to home. Suddenly one girl came to me and asked me to take vayanam (udyapan of Sai Vrat), I took happily and she gave Telugu version of Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat and my joy has no bounds as I asked Baba in that morning that, if anyone in the temple give Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat book I will read from that instead of reading online. And finally started by 5.30 pm as my daughter is crying and we felt sad as we couldn’tattend aarti and guess what happened, when I step out from the temple aarti song started and I felt very happy called my husband back to attend. We went inside and singing aarti but my daughter wanted to go home, immediately after completing aarti song they went to the last song and completed aarti in just 10 min’s instead of 30 min’s as we wanted to go. Sai did this miracle to us. After seeing that miracle, Icouldn’t stop my tears and left the temple happy. Please has faith and patience, Sai will take care of you all. Om Sai Ram. 

Expereince 2:

Anonymous devotee from India says: I have come across this website by Baba’s grace. It was this day last year when I was feeling low for some reason that I searched for devotee’s experiences and came across this website fortunately. After reading a few of them, I felt so fortunate for having Baba in my life. I am a student currently pursuing my masters in the US. I have known Baba since my childhood through my family as each one of them is a staunch devotee of Baba. I have developed immense love towards Baba since my childhood. He has loved me even more and guided me through every stage of my life that I can’t thank Him enough. Today I am studying in one of the top 5 universities in the US, I am not here because I deserve to be here, it is pure grace of Baba and nothing else.

My experience goes like this, it was during the end of my 3rd year of engineering that I have given my GRE exam and started applying for colleges, I have applied to 6 of the top 30 universities and I was hoping for one admit at least, but rejections started coming one after the other and I have ended up getting rejects from all the universities. I had a job in hand by then but I was not interested in that field so I was half hearted to join. It was a very tough period of 6 months for me because all my hopes of going to a good university got shattered, I cried in front of Baba for days together, I asked him to give me a ray of hope, but all this while, even though I was depressed, I had complete faith in Baba that he will plan something better for me. So I have started applying to universities for spring again , this time even though people around me suggested me to apply to lower grade universities, I did not listen to anyone because I never wanted to go to a lower grade university. I prayed to Baba and started applying to good universities. 

Among one of these was a university in the top 5 universities in US, I had no clue then, what made me even apply to that university because my profile would be no match to the applications that the university gets, but I have received an admit from it later. So it clearly shows that Baba made me apply to this university, Baba gave me the admit and that he gave me something which I never even dreamt of. The day I got the admit, I could not believe my eyes. I read the email like 10 times, I went and kneeled down in front of his photo and cried like never before, there is no chance of me getting into such a good university if not for his grace, and among the universities I applied for all, this university was not there and the highest ranked university in that list was 12, so if not for the rejects, I would’ve never had a chance to come to this university which is in the top 5. Today is my first day of college so I thought of sharing this experience. I owe my whole life to Baba and can never thank him enough because no one can show so much love without expecting anything in return except for him. He knows what’s best for us. Shradha and Saburi is what he expects. Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai. 


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