Couple of Miracles of Sai Baba – Listens and Fulfils Every Wish

Hello Devotees, Here are a couple of miracles of sai baba and devotee experiences. We did not edit any content and posted as they were.

Om Sai Ram to all devotees. I am a very small devotee of our beloved Sai from Delhi. Thank you to all the admins for providing us a beautiful platform to share our Sai’s Leela. I want to share an experience that happened today. Let us check below a couple of miracles of  Shirdi sai baba.

Daily after doing Pooja at home in the morning I go to Sai temple. Today as usual I went there but I was hungry today as yesterday I had a fast of Nav Guruvar Vrat. I was just saying in my mind that I might get something in the temple. Also daily I give ₹2 as Dakshina in the temple. Today in total I had ₹4. When I reached there I there was a fakir sitting in front of the temple, so I gave him ₹2 and kept ₹2 to give Dakshina to Baba. But he asked for more and I gave the fakir the remaining amount I had. I went to the temple and prayed to Sai and while giving Dakshina I thought I might have some notes or coins in my wallet but it was empty. I had a thought that anyhow I will have to give Dakshina in the temple. I went out again and asked in shops if they have chan he to give me I will pay via UPI. I was not getting any luck, but finally got a shop where I got ₹10 in change.

I went back to Sai temple and happily gave ₹2. In the meanwhile, pujari was there and he gave me a sort of sweets to eat. I was very happy. Sai fulfills every small and big wish. Sorry, Baba please forgive me if I’ve made any mistakes in the post.

Please Baba forgive all my sins, as I promise you it won’t ever happen again. Please fulfill this wish of mine and I will surely post it and will do whatever I’ve said to you.

Sai Baba Leela:

Om Sai Ram to all devotees. Really want to thank the admins for providing such a wonderful platform for us to read and share all the experiences. It gives us immense faith and power to get us going during our tough times.

Sai Baba Leela.
Sai Baba Leela.

Coming to my experience which I forgot to share earlier. I am really very sorry Baba. Please forgive me as I completely forgot. I just remembered now when I was reading this blog and read almost the same experience. I daily go to Baba’s temple after
doing Pooja at home. A few days back when I went there, I placed my head in Baba’s lotus feet in Dwarkamai and was praying to Baba. Suddenly I felt something fell on my fingers and I was scared. When I saw it, it was Baba’s Udi. The unbelievable part is that there was no incense stick or anything burning there. Don’t know where it came from. I was so so happy and was reassured that Baba is with me and will surely fulfill the wish mine.

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I am sorry Baba for all my sins and promise you that it won’t ever happen again. Please grant me this wish of mine Baba. Please forgive me if I made any mistake in writing this Leela of yours.

Merciful Sai Baba:

Thank you to the admins of this site for providing us this wonderful platform. I want to share a small incident but a great Leela of our Sai Baba which happened just now.

I feed and take care of a few dogs in the market area near my house.
Right now it’s night and it’s cold outside. I came from the office and met them and came home. It started to rain. I prayed to Baba that pleases they should not get wet as they sleep outside and it’s too cold as well. Within a few minutes
after I prayed the rain stopped. Baba is so caring. Thank you so much, Baba. Please forgive me if I made any mistake in this post.

Baba please forgive all my sins and please fulfill this wish of mine. I promise it will never happen again. Please bless all Baba. I am sorry Baba. Thank you for all your Leela Baba.

Sai Baba is the Saviour:

Om Sai Ram to all dear devotees. Thank you so much to the admins of this blog to provide us such a beautiful platform. As promised to Baba and with His grace I am penning down my experience.

Baba is the Saviour.
Baba is the Saviour.

A few days back in one of the lanes in our locality people were gathered to remove the stray dogs out of the locality. Once I heard it I prayed to our Sai Baba to please handle the situation as they are speechless and innocent beings. By Baba’s grace, everything is quiet now and I am sure that Sai Baba will protect them in the future as well. Please forgive me Baba if I missed something. Please forgive me for all my past karmas and please grant my wish my Sai. Please help me Sai and I promise it won’t ever happen again. Thank you so much Baba for all your help. Please help everyone, Baba.

Sai Baba Miracle:

Om Sai Ram to all dear devotees. Thank you so much to the admins of this blog to provide us such a beautiful platform. As promised to Baba and with His grace I am penning down my experience.

Coming to my experience. I am having a cough for some time. I was driving today and started to cough and it went to an extent where I could not see anything. It was completely dark in front of me. I was in the middle of the road while driving. Suddenly by Sai Baba’s grace, I became normal within no time and was completely fine. Thank you so much my Baba. Please forgive me for all my sins my Sainath. That’s all about a couple of Shirdi sai baba miracles. You might be interested in this: Ideas To Make Money In India.

Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sacchidanand Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!



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