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Expereince 1:

Anonymous devotee from USA says : This happened when our daughter was 22 months old and we had recently moved to the US. One day she got fever and we gave her some medicine, but the fever was not going down, therefore we took her to the pediatrician and he said that she has got an ear infection and prescribed her with some antibiotics, but even then after 4-5 days, she was not getting well and her fever was still high. We got scared and decided to take her to the pediatrician again, so the pediatrician checked her and said that there is nothing to worry about and she will be fine in the next few days. Just before leaving the clinic, I asked him why Sai ma is looking so pale. Huge thanks to Baba, because this question of mine and Sai’s blessings saved her life! Baba, please always guide us and protect us and give us the strength to face all the challenges in life. The pediatrician ordered a blood test in his clinic itself. The nurse took her blood and performed the test and then she screamed and called the doctor, we understood that something is not normal. She did the test again and to confirm because her hemoglobin, platelets, white blood cells were all very low. The doctor sent us to the nearest ER, still remember how difficult it was for my husband to drive in that panic condition to the hospital. After performing all the tests on her, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. But really feel blessed, thanks to Baba again as she was diagnosed with all, which is a low risk and the treatment was 2.5 years long. With all of our families and friends prayers and blessings, her treatment was going smooth.

We were really excited and looking forward for her 4th birthday. Just before her birthday, she got sinusitis infection and was admitted in the hospital for 10 days, after coming home, one day while doing my evening prayers, I was cursing Baba that after a long time we wanted to celebrate and enjoy. The following day was her, after hospitalization doctor’s visit, I was talking to my neighbor in the parking lotand told Sai ma to sit inside the car and put her car seat belt on. The car door was closed and all I could hear her that she is saying something to me. So when I sat inside the car, Sai ma told me that when you were talking with that Uncle, Baba came inside the car and He is sitting next to me. I was shocked and surprised and had a goose bump at the same time. I asked her where He come from because the car door was closed, she answered that He is magical, so He just entered the car through the glass. She kept saying that Baba is still sitting next to her.

I asked what Baba is saying and she answered that Baba said “Jaldi theek ho jao (Get well soon), It was hard to believe that Baba gave darshan to her. I kept asking her questions for several months after this incident and she kept on giving the same exact answer. We really thank Sai ma for curing our little Sai ma. With Baba’s blessings she is now 6.5 years old and is doing extremely well. Thank you so much Baba, please keep your hands on us forever. Remove all of our anxieties and bless us with good health and happy life. Shri Satchinanda Sadguru Shri Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai!!

Expereince 2:

Anonymous devotee from USA says: I have been Baba’s disciple for a long time. I recently got to know about this site and wanted to share my experience with Baba. Sai Ram. I would like to keep my identityanonymous please. I have been a Baba devotee for a long time. I don’t really remember how or when I have started praying him. But He has always been with me in every second of my life as far as I remember. There were many ups and downs in my life. But at the end of every problem, Baba always gave me what I deserved and that made me happy. There are countless incidents in which Baba helped me. I would like to share one of those.

It was almost a decade ago when I was in my undergraduate. One of my close friends has visited Shirdi and got us Prasad and some Baba orange threads (thayathu which we tie to our wrists) to college. When she has given those to me, I was as delighted with happiness as it was Thursday and I always felt Thursday was my lucky day. I immediately tied it to my hand and the day passed on with my classes. Later in the evening, I noticed that the thread was missing on my wrist. I was so disturbed and started searching the whole college, classes, college buses and every place I have been to on that day. But no luck, I was in tears and so disappointed for losing Baba’s blessings and that too on Thursday. I was almost crying all the way back home. Once I reached home I told my parents what has happened and started crying even more. I was pretty sensitive then and parents were not able to console me either. My mom tried to convince me that we will go to Baba temple that evening and I would feel better. Still, I wasn’t convinced and couldn’t forgive myself for my negligence.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, and it was my mom’s friend and one of my favorite Aunts. She used to stay close by to our house and just felt like visiting us that evening. As she came into our bedroom she pulled out some rolled paper out and gave it to me. (I was still weeping then). I opened it and to my shock it was Baba’s calendar!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes and can’t say in words how happy I was. She said, someone visited Shirdi and brought her that calendar. As she knew I liked Baba, she thought she would give it to me as she had two of those. I felt so blessed and my parents were happy too that Baba has sent His blessings in time.

I can never forget that moment! I strongly believe He is always with His devotees and helps them in every minute of their lives. If you don’t get anything you wish for, don’t worry, Baba has got something better for you. I sometimes feel guilty because I like Baba so much, yet I don’t do daily pooja or any seva to Baba but still He takes care of me and been with me whenever I needed him. I always have Him on my mind and tongue, every second. I strongly believe in Baba’s saying – ‘If you take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. So true, Thanks to Baba for all His blessings and being with all His devotees every second they need Him. Sai Ram.

Expereince 3:

Sai Sister Ritika Sharma from India says: Jai Sai Ram, from the past 9 years, I consider Sai Baba as my guru because He is the One Who always guide my through His teachings. Baba came in my life in 2005 with the arrival of Sai Baba serial on star plus. It is because of this serial I came to know about Baba and began to have firm belief in the almighty.

I have a younger brother Nikhil who is no doubt very intelligent and hard working. He was preparing hard to crack IIT- JEE exam, my parent’s and his only dream and he succeeded in that but his rank was not that good as we hoped for. In the 1st round of seat allotment, he got seat in IIT Ropar which is newly opened one and is not popular. Nikhil felt disappointed and said it is impossible to get admission in a top ranked IIT’s institute because of his low rank. But me and my mother were 100% sure that Baba would do something and we said remember Nikhil what Sai Baba used to say, “Have faith and patience”. We all know he worked hard. My entire family continuously prayed to Baba and Baba showered His blessings on us, my brother got seat in IIT Kharagpur which is one of the top institutes of India. We all were so happy that we didn’t have words to thank our Baba but friends this does not end here.

My mother decided to organize Sai Sandhya on 22nd December at our home as a tribute to Baba for blessing us. I was very much excited as we were going to have Sai pooja in our home for the first time. We planned many things to make it magnificent as much as we can. We decided to built a huge durbar (stage) for Baba in the courtyard and to serve Baba’s langar (food) to everyone. Everything was almost prepared and invitations were sent to all relatives and friends but unfortunately, science predicted rainfall on that day and for next 3 days. On hearing this I became numb. On 21st evening it rained heavily and showed no sign of ceasing. Everyone insisted on having pooja in the room which is not sufficient for huge crowd but i protested there would be no rain tomorrow as my Baba is coming to our home. As I was highly disappointed, I cried and prayed whole night. In the morning rainfall stopped, there was no end to my happiness, still relatives said it could be rained any time but this time I pledged I would not eat until pooja gets over and then nobody dared to stop me in organizing the pooja in my own way.

Even drizzling didn’t show its existence. Everyone came, attended the pooja and appreciated the arrangements and the way the pooja was conducted as many of them were attending Sai Sandhya for the first time, still I get tears in my eyes while remembering this event. I know if that day rainfall would get start anytime in between pooja, everyone would put blame on me for ruining the pooja in the end just want to say, Have faith in God and be patient. He’ll surely listen to your prayers. Jai Sainadh. Sai


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