Couple of Sai baba Miracles – A Devotee from Hyderabad

Hello devotees, here are the couple of sai baba miracles from sai devotee.

A sai devotee couple of miracles

I am Indira Meduri from Hyderabad wish to narrate our dearest Baba’s kindness shown on our family. All of my family members are living on earth means only because of the almighty Sai Baba blessings.He is always with us and blessing us at necessary times and with necessity things. I am not able to do any kind of Pooja except keep on praying him by holding his feet. I was praying him and sharing my difficulties since mychildhood as seeing him as my own family member. Every crucial time he was beside us. I am sharing three
major miracles happened in my life.

Couple of Sai baba Miracles #1

In 1993 January 1st we were in Shirdi and had wonderful Darshanams of Baba for three times. I have prayed him to bless with a child since for the last 1 year and 6 months could not got blessed. On 8th day once returned from Shirdi got conceived, its nothing but our dear Baba’s showers.

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Shirdi Sai Blessings.
Shirdi Sai Blessings.

Couple of Sai baba Miracles #2

During my 5th month on 1st July my husband’s younger brother died in a car accident while he was going to shirdi. Every one of my In laws were in tremendous shock and while crying told me to have a male child who should be their expired brother. A month just before delivery Doctors declared in a scan, as I am with Female Baby ( Sex declaration was official during 1993) which made me to continuously prayed Baba to get my In laws expectation may please be fulfilled. On Oct 4th as I had been to Doctor for regular checkup, Doctor said that I have a Male baby and should be immediately do the C – section and got it on 5th Oct by the grace of Baba. Baba himself has come to him in the form of my son.

Couple of Sai baba Miracles #3

My father was a Retired Govt official. He was loosing his memory at his 75 years of age . While his evening walk he lost his way back to home and forgot our residential address as well details of my brothers. We have searched for him the hook and nook corner of entire Hyderabad and Secunderabad for 7 days. 7th day night we all prayed Baba to get my father lively. Next day morning at 7.00am a telephone call has come from a provision store near Kachiguda station saying my father has been seen in the Railway garden. Immediately we had rushed and by the grace of our beloved saviour we found our father sitting below a Baniyan tree on two bricks joined together. I am not getting words to write more about our Bhagavan except seeing his feet.

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Sai is Great.
Sai is Great.

Couple of Sai baba Miracles #4

My son who has completed his PG in Canada with the Baba kindness on 2nd Dec 2019. Got his work visa on 5th Dec., Thurs Day which was applied 120 days back. Again on on 12th Dec Thurs day morning at 5.30 my son called us saying he got a good opportunity as Asset management Analyst in a renowned company and is supposed to join on 13th January. Baba we are always at your feet. Thank you for everything. Om Sai ram!.

Stay tuned for more miracles, and don’t forget to post your expereiences and miracles. Baba bless you and your family!. You may be interested in How to Grow Green Chillies in Pots.


  1. There is nothing in this world. Sai babas blessing is my life still I am alive. My wish, after my death
    I will be under HIS feet.


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