Couple of Sai Experiences – Devotees from different places

Experience 1: 

 have had countless miracles blessed by lord Sai in my life. Don’t know which one to share with devotees. The latest ones are approval of my green card, after a long and tedious journey of almost 6 years Sai blessed me and my husband with the green card. By Sai’s grace my pregnancy is going smoothly and now I am 32 weeks pregnant. My husband’s psychological mood swings and aggressiveness are in control and he is taking his medicine regularly now.

Looking back, just one year ago my life was under so much distress, we were on the verge of divorce – but the strong belief on Sadguru Sai only helped me to come out of all these problems. My husband stopped raising his hand on me for no reason; I am not sitting in the corner of my house anymore after a long and exhausting day of office work and housework. Now I can sit with him and talk. Without Sai I know for sure, all these things should not have happened in my life. I am incredibly thankful to Sai Baba. Please be with me Sai for the rest of the pregnancy and help me to deliver the baby safely. –

Experience 2-:

This was a unique experience, which took place on April 17th 2008. I along with my wife had gone to attend a marriage reception. As it is my habit to carry a pen having Sai Baba’s photo in my shirt pocket. That day also, I was carrying a pen having Baba’s photo. When my wife and me went to the dice to give blessings to the newly wed couple, the bride noticed that a pen was hanging from the saree of my wife. When this was told to her she was quite surprised as there was no point of her carrying the pen and that too hanging from the saree.

I suddenly noticed that, that was my pen, which I had kept in my pocket. I was surprised to see and was unable to understand how the pen had gone to my wife. My wife in turn gave that pen to the bride, as Baba’s blessing to her. Now the important thing happened. The bride inform my wife that as she was a staunch believer of Baba she had asked Him to come and bless her on the occasion of her marriage and somehow Baba had kept His appointment with her, in the shape of a photo coming with a pen. May Sai Baba bless all.




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