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Expereince 1:

Anonymous devote from Australia says: Om Sai Ram, Please do not disclose my name and email Id. I like to visit the blog and read all the Sai experiences which Sai bhaktas have experienced in their life and it provides me the inspiration every day to go through this materialistic world we live in. Reading the stories brings the much required joy and tears (from the overwhelming happiness). I have been a Sai devotee as far as I remember from my childhood, my parents are ardent Sai devotee and I have been going to Shirdi at least once every year while I was in India and still go to my Dwarkamai when I visit my family in India. There are many experiences throughout my life where I have witnessed His support and divine intervention (from being cured of yellow fever after a relapse, passing through difficult exams etc). 

The experience which I wanted to share is a very recent one as it’s the first time my family were facing problems in which the question has raised my faith in my Guru and His teachings. My first experience is regarding my sister. She is 10 years older than me and we were struggling to find a suitable groom for her for many years. This had started to take its emotional toll on her and my parents. I had complete faith in Baba and I had advised her to take on doing charity work (not sit idle at home) and increase her religious activities to keep her mind calm and surely Sai will help. I was praying to Sai to please help her find the right partner soon (this year) if she has taken on charity work/help others – to stop being selfish and help others when they come to you for help.

I believe your closer to Sai when you donate and help others in their lives and is the best way to make up for your sins from past life. She started practicing all this but nothing was eventuating and it was already December- till in next few days I got a call from my Dad informing of my sisters engagement and Wedding which is all set to happen by end of December- that is before the end of the year as I had wished- its only Sai’s grace. I pray that he looks after her as she gets married and moves in to her in laws. Early this year I and my wife decided to move overseas for travel and work before we start our own family. This meant we gave up our secured well paying jobs and our home and moving. I had secured a job which was not paying me that well and was not at my level but we went ahead thinking we will be alright. As it turned out it wasn’t a great move after few weeks of travel it was apparent that my wife will struggle to get a job there in her field and time went by, where we had to struggle on one salary in a new country. 

On top I was frequently traveling for work and she was getting home sick and frustrated sitting at home in the new country. She went through many rejections and interviews for 7 months (this was affecting both of us as she had been in her previous role in a good position for last 7 years at home). She finally got a job in customer service just to keep her busy and out of home but it was not long before we realized she had to come back home. We took the decision for her to come back and for me to finish my contract early by December. I was scared as it would mean we would both go back without a job and I was being penalized for breaking contract to the tune of two months’ salary. I prayed to my Sai daily to look after us as we came back home or we would be in a financial mess. Behold- my wife comes back and gets a call to start her previous role in her company on contract basis and I get 3 interview calls within a week with more to come in New Year.

One of the interviews I had done well (the one contract role I wanted) in but had not done very well in my psychometric testing and thought I had missed this opportunity. It was Thursday and I got a call informing that my experience was more suited to the role but I needed to show them I can get exceptional score in the exam and they wanted me to take the test again on Thursday. I had just returned from overseas and had done poorly in my test due to overconfidence. I humbly prayed to Sai and kept His photo in front of me and did the test and I passed in this time. It was only because of him I got a second chance on Thursday and got the job finalized the very next day.

I am still getting calls for interview for jobs, this is only for His grace and I pray to Him to look after us and our families. Please keep faith in Him and don’t test Him. I have stopped doing chits or asking questions on the websites with a number in mind. I recommend everyone to read Sai Satcharitra, you will findanswers to all your questions in there and donate whether it can be food or cloth as you will be that closer to His lotus feet each time you do. I will be doing the same this year during Christmas here and keep my promises to Him. Om Sai Ram. I believe Sai is Datta roop and He is same as Swami Samarth. I attach a recent photo of Swami Samarth received from my Father. 

Expereince 2:

Anonymous devotee from US says: I am one of the Sai Baba’s devotees, want to share my experiences. Please don’t disclose my email id and name. 

Om Sai Ram. First of all I want to thank Baba for giving me nice parents and sweet family, and thank to my parents for making me to visit Shirdi for the first time in 1996. My first experience with Baba was in Shirdi itself when I went for the first time. At that time I was a child went to Shirdi with my parents and we stood in the queue for aarti and after aarti we had very pleasant darshan of Baba, while coming out from the line after darshan suddenly one of the Priest in front of Baba pulled my hand and gave me four pieces of Peda (Milk sweet). That Priest didn’t give to anybody else. I and my family were so surprised how come he gave only to me. That is the moment I felt that Baba gave me some Prasad, which I didn’t realize at that time. From that day onwards Baba was there with me in my life journey. 

One more experience in the same year, my neighbors went to Shirdi and brought Baba rings and chains they gave to all neighbor kids. I and other kids got same kind of ring in which Baba is blessing with smile. I started wearing that ring daily. Within six months somehow all the kids lost their ring or chain. Whenever I look at that ring I felt so confident that Baba is with me. Baba helped me in my studies, I completed my engineering and got job. I used to go with my family to Baba temple on every Thursday. Our life was happy and going smoothly with Baba’s grace. In mid of 2004 the Baba ring which I was wearing for almost 9 years, base became thin and broken. At that moment I felt really bad and felt very disappointed. I started feeling insecure, disturbed and so tensed other problems arise. I really felt that Baba left me alone and went away. 

I was there for almost one month without Baba ring, then my Parents understood my problem and then they get my previous Baba ring designed and ordered in a different base, it is a strong ring, it never ever breaks again. I started wearing that ring again happily and my problems resolved within one year and felt relaxed. Slowly I started ignoring Baba, but he is always with me as my shadow. After that I got married and during pregnancy, my fingers were swollen then I removed Baba ring from my finger. Without any problems by Baba’s grace I am blessed with Son. Wherever I go I carry that ring but I was not praying to Baba as I did earlier. In 2012 again I was in some problem, Baba solved that problem for me. In 2013 I quit my job and looking for another job, Baba helped showed His grace again on me. 

Now I started feeling and realizing Baba as I did in my childhood. Now I never ever ignore or lose faith in Baba, I always bow my head on Baba’s feet. I want to share another experiences of Baba Udi. In 2012 my aunt (Dad’s sister) was attacked by paralysis stroke to one side hand and leg, she was almost be bedridden, then my mom applied some Udi on her head and prayed to Baba surprisingly within few days she recovered and within weeks she was able to walk and do her work. In 2011 my grandmother (Mom’s mom) was hospitalized and critical condition, had problems with her breathing. At that time my mom applied Udi on head and given some by mouth, within one or two days she came to normal and discharged from hospital. Trust in Baba, he can do miracles which we cannot even think. Om Sainathaya Namah. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to share our experiences. Baba blessings with all of us. 

Expereince 3:

Sai sister Drishti from India says: I am from Delhi. I started believing in Baba through one of my friends and believe in Him with full faith. It has been almost a year that I became a devotee of Baba and slowly my faith grew stronger and stronger.

I always feel the presence of Baba with me. Whenever I have any problem and I ask Him about that He always gives me instant answers for that. Once it so happened that I wanted a ring with a picture of Baba in it. I saw someone wearing that ring and a desire aroused in my mind to have that ring. Whenever I went to Sai Baba’s temple in Rohini sector 7, I always used to search for that ring but never found it. On the very first day of the New Year 2014 I got a picture of Baba on some page on Facebook on which it was written “ring in the new year”. I am sending the same picture with this post. I didn’t understood what does that mean. Then I went with my friend to Sai Baba’s temple in Rohini sector to get His darshan as it was the very first day of 2014. After having His darshan I wanted to buy clothes for Baba’s idol at my home. I went to a shop and to my surprise found a ring with so many pictures of Baba in it. It was a band type ring. I really liked it and immediately bought it. Later I realized the meaning of the quote “ring in the new year”. Such is the greatness of Baba. He fulfills even the smallest desires of His devotees. He is so kind and merciful. Believe in Hm and He will do wonders for you. Just have faith and patience. Have no fear when Baba is here. Om Sai Ram. Baba keep blessing me and all like this. Love you Baba


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