Couple of Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Expereinces

Experience-1 (sai miracle):Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi ,First of all I would like to thank you for creating a platform, where everyone can share their experiences and even increasing their faith and hope at times of tough times and waiting desperately for their solutions from Sai, which requires a lot of patience. Please edit if you feel it is required and please don’t disclose my name or mail I’d. Sai is there. Is there anything more wonderful than this word? This word has filled happiness, and everything in my life. In fact Sai protects like a mother.

I do not know, when Baba came in to my life. I would like to share my experience how Baba helped me, when I was in very tough time. I am software professional, I got a very good job, and then I resigned current job. Just 5 days before joining date, I came to knew they revoked my offer due to some issues.

I was so restless at that time and cried a lot, but I did not lose my faith on Baba. I took that free timepraying Baba a lot. I did Nav Guru Sai Vrat. After that also I did not get any new job due to my bad karma, but all the time Sai showed positive sign. After few months, I got excellent job, which is much better than earlier one. Baba always helps their devotees, protects like a mother. Now I am so happy in my professional life. What I am today is just because of Baba.

Experience-2 (Got a JOB): Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: I am a teacher in India for 5 years. I came to Dubai and I am in search of job. My hearty thanks to Saibaba for posting my experience and miracles of Sai Baba. My wishes are with Sai Devotees. I know Saibaba for the past 4 years, but I am a very strong devotee of Sai for past 1 year. I faced many problems in my life and I used to cry before Him. The Miracle happened in my life.

I came to Dubai by May and I found many difficulty in getting admission in school for my son. I prayed to Baba and I got admission in school. I was very eagerly searching for my job and I gave my resume directly to all schools. But no positive result. After reading Sai devotees I started reading SAI SATCHARITRA. After 10 days, on September 10, I went to school to pay fees for my son. MIRACLES happened in my life, where I got a job in that school. No resume, no certificates were in my hand. I was asked to take class and got selected and I appointed on that day with no resume and certificates. I always bound to Saibaba of giving me a job. Now all my family members are also Sai devotees and they started to read SAI SATCHARITRA. Sai Baba, keep all of us healthy and please always guide us and please be with us always.

Experience-3 (Reached Work Safely):

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Dear Sai Devotees, I am writing to share a very small, but great experience with our beloved Sai. I have been worshiping my Sai since few years and He has made me a good person by drawing my attention at His lotus feet. Thank you for your hard work and Happy Diwali to you, your team and family.

Today morning, when I woke up there was strong rain and wind. And where I work, it’s a 25 minutes’ walk from the car park. I casually conveyed to Sai that I am fine driving in rain. But please stop the rain, while I am walking to my work. Sai happily listened to my request and there was no rain or even drizzle, while I walked from my car to my work place. So, believe in Sai and you are sure to be happy and contented always. Happy Diwali to all my fellow readers. Jai Sai Ram.



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