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Devotee Experience No.1: He (Shirdi Sai) was there all the time and blessed and guided me on the right path. I’ve experienced lots of His leelas and miracle in my life. I love to share a couple of His miracles here. The previous year 2015 in April I got a severe eye pain which led to eye irritation and swelling. My eyes became sensitive to the sun. It had been very hard for me to see and drive a vehicle. I went to eye doctor; he said my eyes were so great maybe there were some flaws in my body which were bothering my eyes. I took an appointment with my regular doctor and she checked me and said I looked fine. Perhaps I can go and see Internal medicine specialist and she called me to this doctor. I got that particular doctor’s appointment just in September. Meanwhile, the eye doctor recommended me to go and visit Ophthalmologist as maybe he’d be able to obtain what was happening with my eyes. That physician gave his appointment just in July. That eye doctor also told me the same. Some inflammation in my body and requested to carry blood, urine and movement test. All the results came normal. He suggested going to a rheumatologist. I received an appointment only in mid-October. My husband was so worried and scared with all the physician’s appointments. I felt I had no problem in my body. I was telling my husband the pain will go by itself you do not need to worry. All of the rheumatologist and internal medicine result was also unfavorable. I was just using the identical eye drops that my first doctor prescribed me. If I stopped using my attention drops I get swelling and pain in the eyes again. In November I began 9 Guruvar vrat for Sai Baba. The eye doctor recommended me to perform pathology test. But, I wasn’t interested in doing that test however, my husband wanted me to take that test. Meanwhile, I had been doing my 6th week of Sai Baba pooja and stopped my eye drops. The pathology test also came negative. My eye pain, irritation and sensitive to sunlight has also gone. By Baba’s grace, all pain has gone by itself. Sai is great.

Shirdi Sai Nath.
Shirdi Sai Nath.

Devotee Experience No.2: I am a little devotee of our beloved Sai Baba. I want to share an experience/miracle with all of you so that our religion and belief in our beloved Baba keeps rising daily. A few days back, I had been praying to Baba to help my younger brother do something useful with his life. He’s in his 30’s and without work. He keeps looking for govt. Service examinations, but has not been successful up to now. My dad is retired and my mom is a kidney patient. Hence, at times most of us get very tensed regarding his future. So, a couple of days back, just prior to going to sleep, I had been praying my Baba to give him a sense regarding his responsibilities and all of a sudden, the term January struck me. Only out of the blue! I then realized that Baba gave me a sign that my brother will do something useful in January. I bowed down at Baba’s feet and went to sleep. And today, the 30th of December 2016, my brother explained that he got a job in a company within our hometown where he had been helping a relative voluntarily and his joining date is 2nd Jan 2017. I’m not surprised. That day itself I’d understood that something good would happen to him in January. Baba is so kind, He gave him joining about the very 1st working day of Jan. Although his wages are meager and don’t understand what is his career future in this business, I think, he will do well because Baba has been so kind to him. My parents are relieved too. Please bless my other brothers, parents, my husband, children, and my in-laws. Bless the people of the world Baba so that it’s a better place for the upcoming generation to reside in. Aum Shri Sai Samartha. Dattatreya Bhagwan Sai Nath ki Jai.If you trust Shirdi sai, he will be there at all times. Just leave it to him and remember him every moment, you can see how Baba will through you OUT of problems. Om Shri Satchitananda Samartha Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai!. Baba Bless you all!. There are plenty of devotee experience you can find across the world. You can follow this blog for reading sai devotee experience.


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