Devotee Experience with Sai – From Mumbai

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Mumbai Says :My husband was out of IT field since we got married and I was so much worried about him. I prayed Sai to give us a good life by giving a nice job for my husband .He started applying to his jobs yet he couldn’t get any. I trusted Sai and my belief towards Sai is increasing day by day though my husband was failing in the job interviews. I did Sai Satcharitra parayana with Shardha and Saburi 3 times yet my days were too horrible. On that week my husband attended one interview with an Indian company. We don’t have any hopes on that to get the job.

 Also he lost his confidence and was the time to start using our savings money.I was on maternity leave for an year and my husband was on EI .So we both were getting money from govt only. But on my last day of my parayana they selected my husband and there was no limit to my happiness. On Thursday his office sent him an offer letter. I couldn’t thank enough to Sai to let my dreams come true. That job was a contract position yet they liked my husband and offered a full time position with a nice pay. I would like to suggest to all Sai devotees never loose your hope and believe Sai. He will definitely take care of his children. We just need to work hard and have faith in him in our tough times and on good times also. Rest is Sai’s divine blessings.


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