Due to Baba’s Grace My Husband Got Work Permit Approval

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. Please keep my name and email-id as anonymous. I have known our Beloved Baba since 2009 but was not much attached to Him until recently. Though there is a Sai Mandir at a 5 minutes’ walk able distance, I do not visit very often. I used to visit Him once in a while, but when I stand in front of Him my mind used to go blank, I just gaze at Him and come back without praying Him for anything. Sometimes I think whether I am the only one who is experiencing this. 

Currently I am residing in Canada since one year and while I was packing my bag i don’t know why, i got a thought that I should keep the ‘Sai Satcharitra’ and some ‘Udi’ packets along with me. I got the Book and Udi and just kept it on one of the shelves. Though I keep the Udi along with me whenever I go out, but I do not read the book. One fine day when I was checking my Facebook account I came across your page ‘Sai Baba Miracles’ and I started reading the experiences that were posted and each time i read them, my faith on Sai Baba increased and was mesmerized as to how Baba come to His Devotee’s help when they needed Him the most. 

Now let’s come to my experience, when Baba helped me at the time we needed His help. Me and my husband came to Canada on Work permit which expired on 30th Nov 2013, we had applied for theextension of work permit for which we require a document called LMO, but due to some backlog in the immigration, though we had applied for the LMO 5 months before we didn’t get the LMO approved on time and it was in-progress status. Meanwhile the case worker took up our work permit application since the LMO was in-progress and he rejected out Work permit application. Usually if the LMO is in-progress status they keep it a side and wait for the approval. But may be because of our bad karma in our past life it got rejected and all of a sudden my husband had to stop working from the day we received the mail. We were dumb struck as to what happened and we were asked to travel back to India as the attorneys with whom we (company) were working gave no other option except for traveling back. My husband had worked so hard for this project and he was leading the project now since we had to travel back and his hard work would go in vain and somebody would take the credit sitting in his position. 

Then I started praying to Sai Baba as to why all these things are happening and to show some ray of hope. Meanwhile I asked my husband to read the ‘Sai Satcharitra’ within 7 days, initially he was reluctant seeing the number of pages then I convinced him to read and when he started reading I could see he feel more confident each time. He read more stories and he finally finished it within 4 days. Our HR director contacted another attorney to see if there is any other option, he gave us an option that we could go to one of the port of entries to Canada and try and get the work permit. Usually the immigration officer at the port of entry has this special power of giving the work permit on the spot but they don’t use their power very often until they are convinced that this approval is needed due to impacts on the project and the deliverables. Of thousands of people they might approve for just one or two and of which my husband was one. We were so happy. They also interview hours together but for my husband they just took for half an hour and they were convinced and the credit goes to our beloved Sai Baba. It was He, Who inspired us to contact another attorney and get all these done and He was with us every moment assuring us everything will be fine. 

From this I learnt that if we have ‘Shradda’ and ‘Saburi’ then Our Sai will for sure come to Our rescue. Now after all these even my husband has started believing in Sai Baba and we are planning to visit Shirdi when we visit India this time. Thanks Baba for being with us and always be with us and all the people who believe in You.


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