Expereinces of SAI.BA.NI.SA (Shri Gopal Rao Ravada) with Shirdi SAI – 6

Let us recall from Shri Sai Satcharitra as to how Sai blessed two students and granted them success in their examinations. Babu Tendulkar believed the predictions by astrologers and got disheartened. He preferred not to write the examinations in Medicine. Similarly Shevade who was also taking Law examinations were equally graced and blessed by Baba to come out successfully in their tasks. I would like to humbly submit my similar experiences.

It dates back to the month of October 1990 when I was set out to go for a departmental promotion scheduled to be held in Madras (presently the city of Chennai). As a matter of habit, I was nervous. On the dawn of the day I was sitting on the lawns of the GuestHouse and going through the ritual of reading the Sai Satcharitra. The day’s chapter turned out to be 45th one where in Kaka Sahib expresses doubt and Baba answers to Anand Rao in vision “go now, fear not, feel no anxiety, and you will attain your welfare”. I could simultaneously hear a cuckoo singing. I took it as a good omen and blessings from Sainath. I faced the interview courageously and could come out successfully with flying colors. Happily I returned back to Hyderabad.

Again during the same month of October 1997 I moved out to Bombay for promotion to the next higher grade. I was relatively less qualified compared to all others in the fray. Sai must bless me this time also, otherwise it is simply impossible. After a shower in the morning, I sat down for the normal parayana of Satcharitra. By strange coincidence I was to read the same chapter i.e 45th one. Repetition of what is sited in the above lines – Kaka Sahib’s doubt and Anand Rao’s vision – Baba’s unfailing words of assurance. Ofcourse this time it was not cuckoo but a pigeon’s call. I am once again blessed and I leave it for anybody to guess the outcome.

Repeat of 1990 in 1997 under identical situations and to be blessed on both the occasions is humanly not possible but for the divine intervention of Sainath. Recapture of these incidents rejuvenate my faith in Shirdi Sai Baba. I am sure everyone can undergo his/her own experiences in his fold.




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