Experience of Shirdi Sai – Devotee from India

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram.  I am a very small Sai devotee. I consider myself worst and most foolish devotee of my Sai. But, still He loves me and takes care of me at every step. I love You Saiya, thanks for coming in my life and making it so beautiful. I feel so secure when I think about You even though I am going through my worst phase of life. Though this blog, I hereby surrender myself to the Holy Lotus Feet of my Saiya (as I call Him)

Om Sai Ram. Sai is my Lord, my Maa, my Paa, my everything. Please forgive me Baba and give me Shradda and Saburi so that I remember You always. Now days, as my Baba knows the reason, I have to roam here and there from 7 am to 7 pm in sun. I only have my smart phone as my companion along with my Sai. Since we all know that smart phones have battery issues. So, i keep my power bank to charge my phone battery as it only lasts for 2 hours max. That day I lost my power bank (smart phone charger) in metro due my own carelessness. But due to my frustration, i got angry with Baba, “how will i survive now? what will i do now. Since my phone has very low battery backup.” I was very sad. Somehow, i came home early as started looking for my sister’ oldpower bank. But could not find. I could not afford a new one. I prayed to Baba for help and asked old power bankand then, miracle happened. I find a new branded power bank in almirah, that i earlier thought was a mere torch and kept aside. Baba understands our pain and comes to help when He sees His kid suffering. Thanks Baba for Your love.
One day morning, I switched on my laptop but it was behaving strangely. When i switched it on, it started in safe mode. I tried 3 times but same result. I thought windows crashed or there is some hardware issue. I was sad. This laptop is very imp for me and couldn’t afford it to malfunction at that time. I prayed to my Saiya and miracle happened. I suddenly remembered that. Yesterday night, I messed with some unknown settings. Though i am not very good at computers but somehow did those settings to default state in safe mode only by Baba’s grace and my computer started properly. You won’t believe that feeling when i remembered that, it was like my Saiya installed that thought in my mind. Otherwise i could not do it anyway. Thanks Saiya for Your love. When you remember Saiya from heart, He is forced to come. Om Sai Ram

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