Experience with babaji – Anonymous Devotee from India

Om Sai Ram, dear Sai children, I m very new to the world of Sai baba but I believe I am not new to Sai baba. I believed in babaji but never worshipped him. Around 4 yrs back my cousin took me to Shirdi and said baba se kch maang liyo but since I was not a devotee of babaji I didnt ask him for anything. But all of a sudden just a month back my life changed completely.

When I was working I met some one who started liking me but I refused as I already had a heartbreak and my father being a staunch brahmin would never allow a non brahmin in my life. But this guy assured me that he would convince my dad. After 7mnths of persuasion I have in and said yes. Life seemed wonderful with him and after a long time I felt happy and prayed to god that this relation should get my dad’s blessing but as before my dad refused. But I didnt lose hope. My parents blackmailed me with dire consequences but I stood by my love through thick n thin. My parents took me to meet some boys also but nothing materialised so I was happy that god is with me. But due to some family issued I had to leave my place and had to go to another place but all this while my love was with me. When I came back one day suddenly he said that his parents are forcing him to marry some one else and that his mom also tried to commit suicide. He had to agree. My world came crashing down as he did what I didnt when my dad also blackmailed me. He got his roka done. I went to temples crawling on my knees to ask god that pls dnt let this happen this is not right but no one listened.

My physical injury was nothing compared to the heartache that I was suffering from. My friends said that let him go just accept it but something inside me told me to hold on. I was shattered. Had no where to go. Suddenly last Thursday I saw babaji in my dreams as if he was saying that I WILL GET HIM BACK. I got up and I my study room I found a picture of SAI BABA which I didnt knw when I had kept and cried in front of babaji that pls help me. The next my sister forced me to accompany her to a tailor shop but since I was not in a mood I kept refusing. But she urged so much I went with her and in the tailor shop I saw a calender which had Sai baba’s three pictures. I closed my eyes and bowed to him. Suddenly when I stepped down my eyes fell on a board that had the name of my love. I was surprised whether it was babaji who wanted to assure me or what it was. It is a very painful time for me since suddenly I have become all alone and had lost all faith on god but still as babaji indicated I am still having hope and try to keep full faith on babaji.


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