Experiences of Sai Baba Devotees and Miracles

Experiences of Sai Baba Devotees.
Experiences of Sai Baba Devotees.

Hello baba devotees, today we present you 2 experiences of Sai Baba.

Experiences of Sai Baba Devotees #1:

Jai Sai Ram to all the devotee of Baba. I want to sharebaba’s miracle in my life which happens today i have full faith in my Sai helisten to his devotee and shows his miracle. I have known and believed in Babaf for the past 9 to 10 years.Now i am narrating miracle of baba in my life. ihad a blood test few days back due to some health problem when the report camemy cholesterol is high and vitamin D is very low and most important is my ureacreatinine is very high my mother in law went to our CGHS doctor for showing myreport to recommend medicine for me ,when doctor uncle saw the report he said iam in very serious condition as my urea creatinine is high and my one kidney is50% damage. My mother in law was very upset she came home and called me i wasin office that time and she said beta doctor uncle said few things  by reading your report will talk once you camehome , I was equally tensed by hearing my mother in laws word but I have fullfaith in my baba and I told him that baba its up to you now you will see whatever will happen to me .i went home and my MIL said doctor uncle was sayingyour 50% kidney is damaged we have to show you some big doctor for consultation,I was very worried and my husband told that not possible at all and we have tobe very strong as it can affect us mentally.I cried and prayed to baba that is this possible if you arewith me , no that’s not possible  ,if youare with me nothing can happen to me I have full faith in you and I know u willcure me .after two days I went to Lodhi road temple with my husband I criedthere in front of my Baba. That day baba came with me at my home I did puja andevening arti with my husband and applied baba UDI on my stomach, I prayed tohim and put UDI in water and drank the same by chanting JAI SAI RAM JAI SAI RAM.And today I went to RML Hospital  forcheckup Nephrologists doctor saw my report and told me nothing to worry aboutthat urea creatinine can up down easily all I have to do is to take care of myfood habits as my cholesterol is high and have to take vitamid D medicine thereis nothing to worry about. I was so happy and thanks to Baba for bearing mytension he take all my tension with him and cure my mental stress ,this is amiracle of baba in my life, I LOVE MY SAI may baba blessed to all the devoteeand full fill there wishes.JAI SAI RAM JAI JAI SAI RAM …

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Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.
Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Devotee Experience 2:

Om sai ram
I am kannan from Tamilnadu, I am loving a girl from my college, from 2012 we are loving eachother, while we working and started earning we decided to tell to our parents about our love, 3years before we told our love to our parents, at first both of our parents not accepted, at that time , my girlfriend parents took her to home , and resigned her job and kept her home for 1year, they blocked her phone , everything . They convinced and blackmail her. One day her parents came to Chennai to vacate hostel at that time I tried to spoke with her mom, but she refused to speak and not accepting our love because of different caste, I gave a new SIM card to my girlfriend at that time, so she can speak to me, after they return back to their home ,she will call me occasionally, I will wait for her call 24/7,at that time my only hope is my sai Baba, I cried, begged to sai Baba to give me back my girlfriend and marry her. Life goes like this , one day suddenly, Aircel network was closed, the SIM I gave to my girlfriend is Aircel, I don’t know what to do, like that 1year gone, after some days she called me from another number and she told that she will come to Chennai to work, I am really happy at that moment, I thanked sai Baba so much ,I loved sai Baba so much ,she came to Chennai, and she joined a new company, the days gone away, but her parents is still not accepting, men while I convinced my parents, but 2019 Diwali festival she went to her home, again she was house arrested by her parents, and no contact , phone blocked, and she put a leave to her office for 2 months, right now I am in dying situation, I don’t know what to do,she called me one Day and told , please come and pickup me from my house arrest, her parents started to see alliance to her. I am praying to sai Baba, and crying to sai Baba to give my girlfriend back and I wish to marry her.please help me Baba your my only hope ,I believe in you sai Baba, please please, do miracles in my life Baba to marry my girlfriend.. I can’t live without her.
Please ,sai devotees, please pray for us, I believe in sai baba. Sai Baba will do miracles in my life and I will share my next experience here, when sai Baba do miracles.
Om sai ram.

By reading these Experiences of Sai Baba Devotees, you definitely get HIS blessings. Samrda Sadguru Sai Nath Maha Raj ki Jai!.

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