Finally Sai Blessed Us -Devotee from India

Hi to All Sai Devotees, 

I have been a Sai devotee since 91 and would visit Shirdi whenever possible, The past two years, my husband and me had been planning on having a child, but too many fertility complications from my end prevented us from it.

My parents came to visit us exactly a year back and i told my mom that i am going to give up eating rice for Saibaba .I also gave up reading Sai Satcharitra and took a vow to do all the pooja’s in the city’s Saibaba temple till he gets me a successful pregnancy news

We tried innumerable treatments and one day when my husband and me were in the elevator in the Hospital, a pregnant lady looked at us and said, Dont worry, we all will get there, it took me a year and i am sure u will be there. Her words for soem reason gave me a lot of hope and then finally decided to take the plunge in IVF.
since it was my first IVF ( read a lot of stories about all the unsuccessful ones), i was nervous from the beginning, but by Baba’s grace my medication and my procedure went well.

The waiting period was killing me, but just 2 days before my pregnancy test, i got a dream in which i was offered a handi of rice!!!!!! i cannot explain the feeling in any words, i was like, is this for real????? Finally my pregnancy test came positive and by Baba’s grace and by his blessings, we are having twins by August of this year! :-)))

i do not believe in any medical miracles, i only believed in my Saibaba and his blessings, without his blessings, i don’t think i would have reached this stage where everyday is a miracle for me! the feelings cannot be expressed in words to see our babies first heartbeats!

I thank him everyday and hope that he always blesses me and my family and he has always been an anchor or a pillar to me in times of need!. This is just one of the incidents that has been touched by Saibaba!

I am reading my Sai Satcharita daily and will continue to do so till my babies are born!

Thank you for publishing this real happenings in my life!


Sandhya “


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