Forgive Me for Any Mistakes and Help me out – Sai Devotee from India

Sai Sister from India says: Daily I read your blog and very happy about my great and sweet Sai experiences. Thanks for giving an opportunity to share my experiences with all devotees. If there are any mistakes feel free to correct. I don’t knowhow to start, Sai please write my experience with your love and affection, When I was in my child hood I love Sai Ram. I love very much Him.

I was an average student up to 5th standard. Suddenly I started studying very well with Baba grace. I got 1st class in 10, after I joined in inter studying very well with His grace when I asked any help from, He gave me in any way, He gives darshan in my dream also. After intermediate I get apprentice job training in office.

There one person proposed me, but I said no. He blackmailed me and told he will die. I said love marriage is impossible in my house and I told If my parents say yes I will marry. I got married to him in 2011. After marriage I am not happy because of some reasons, I have no child and no job right now. I am doing Nava Guruvar Vrath now. Baba please gives me kid, job and my husband affection. He doesn’t want to live life long with me due to his parents and brother problems. Please save me. I don’t know what I can do. How to live. He loved me a lot before marriage. What happened Sai? Please tell me, I believe only in You. I prayed a lot, You know everything about me Baba please show me way to live happily. Don’t leave my hand. You gave me all education, blessing and all what happen. Sai if I make any mistakes please forgive. You are my mother, don’t angry on me. Love You Sai. Love You a Lot.


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