Fortunate to Have Baba’s Blessings -Devotee from India

Anonymous devotee from India says: Hi, I am a devotee of Baba from last 4 years, and since Baba entered my life and blessed me to be His devotee, my entire life has changed. Whatever I am today is only because of our beloved Baba. I can never thank Him enough for the blessings He has bestowed on me ever since.

I feel Baba’s presence in everything I do and my life is full of Baba’s blessings. Although I have unlimitedexperiences i would like to share one which happened today and has touched my heart, and I couldn’t control myself but wanted to share with all the devotees of Baba, which shows that Baba is always there with us, listening to our prayers, and will always bless us. I visited Sai baba temple near to my house, which is very beautiful and I simply love going to that temple, and pray to Baba, whenever i can. Today i had gone since I had successfully completed my Sai Satcharitra parayan. The place where i usually offer the prasad and flowers had a beautiful 2 rose bouquet lying below the painting of Baba. I offered flowers and coconut and inside my heart prayed to Baba to give that bouquet, as i love flowers and receiving roses from Baba would be a blessing. Strangely that day no priest was around to give back the prasad and so I sadly walked away praying in my heart to Baba to please send someone to give me that bouquet of roses. I sat nearby and kept looking at Baba and talking to Him mentally. Suddenly out of nowhere a priest turned up walked straight to the place where the bouquet was lying, picked it up and came towards me and gave it to me! I was totally surprised, he came suddenly and didnt pick up anything but roses and handed them directly to me! I couldn’t believe my eyes till 2 minutes after I was still in amazement. Baba blessed me today by directly giving roses to me. I love Baba so much and for me He is like my father, always there to look after me.

There are many miracles happening with me everyday showing that Baba is always around, today I have a perfect job as i desired, after a 2 year long struggle, only because of Baba’s grace. I was extremely scared of driving but some circumstances forced me to learn driving and with Baba’s blessing now I drive my own car and i am still surprised at myself for being able to that .Its only Baba’s grace that I manage everything. I had the blessing of visiting Shirdi twice and both my Shirdi trips were a miracle in itself everything arranged perfectly by Baba. I want thank Baba from the bottom of my heart for everything. Want to tell all the devotees to never lose faith and pray with full devotion, Baba always listens. Om Sai Ram.

I would be really grateful if this experience could be posted on the blog.


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