Good Experience Of SaiBaba-Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello , Can you please share my below experience on your website? Please keep me anonymous. First of all I want to apologies to my Baba Ji for delay in posting this experience.

I was looking for job change in IT industry. A very good company has called me for final round of interview on Thursday in their office. I went to their office and got selected. I joined their company and soon after joining it my eye has again started giving me problem. Earlier one eye hospital has suggested me that I have tuberculosis in right eye. But later on I consulted with other hospital and they confirmed that there is no such issue.

This time I do not want to go for eye checkup as I was frustrated from my eye and left everything on Baba Ji by thinking that He knows everything and will do best for me. But Baba Ji has different plan for me. One day I thought to consult with other eye hospital and I planned to go there on Saturday. Suddenly rain has started on Saturday morning and I thought to read one chapter of Sai Satcharitra and then go to hospital. Rain did not stop. So a thought came into mind to search for hospital number on internet. I called them and they said that their hospital is closed today and ask me to visit them on Monday. It was Baba Ji’s plan as He did not want me to unnecessarily go there in heavy rain.

I went to hospital on Monday. They examined my eye and said that it could be tuberculosis. They have suggested me to go for TB gold test. They said that if this test comes positive then I have tuberculosis and I have to go for its treatment. I surrendered myself to Baba Ji’s feat and left everything on Him. The result came positive. I got scared. I called up eye hospital and told them. The receptionist has asked me to go for tuberculosis treatment. She recommended one doctor as well. I was praying to Baba Ji to show me the way.


My brother was watching TV in other room and suddenly Shirdi news was coming on TV. I took it as Baba Ji’s indication and went to the doctor recommended by eye hospital. I thought that if Baba Ji has sent me to this doctor then I will see Baba Ji here. I went to doctor cabin and looking for Baba Ji. I saw very big statue of Baba Ji. I was sure that Baba Ji wants me to be here. The doctor was really nice and he asked me to go for further test. He also thought that I may have tuberculosis. The results came as negative, but he was also sure that I have tuberculosis. He said that I may go for advance tuberculosis test. But I took Baba Ji’s name and asked the doctor to start the treatment. Doctor put me on medicines for next 6 months. I am feeling much better now. In between Baba Ji called me to Shirdi. Our Shirdi tickets did not confirm. I cancelled our tickets and booked tickets from Shirdi tour package (new tour package offered by Indian railway). I got tickets for after 5 days. We went to Shirdi and had beautiful Darshan. I prayed to Baba Ji to recover me from this disease. Please Baba Ji bless everyone with Your love and care.


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