Got a Good Job Because of Shrdi Sai – Devotee from USA

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sai tested me so many times, but in each and every test He always made me win. That is the greatness of our Sai. I got a job after so much waiting in 2013. Initially it was good, but then problems started. The job was completely different than the profile of the job. Colleagues treated me like assistant. Boss never communicated. Pay is base pay. Commute was horrible. Since it was first job, I took it for experience. Every day was a hell going to the job. I cried to Sai please help me in any way You can. I applied for various jobs nothing worked. I even applied for jobs that are not related to my field, just to get out this present job, but nothing worked at all. I felt miserable, depressed. No matter how much i tried nothing changed.

I asked Baba, why are you making me go through this. People in office were making jokes, gossiping about my work and I felt bad because this is not the job I want to have. I felt like quitting, but not knowing the future and quitting can increase complications, so I just silently faced everything that was going on. I seriously had no one to help. I had no close friends to ask for help, neither my husband could help me in job search. I am a starter and looking for entry level positions. I don’t want to put fake experience on my resume and it is causing even more delay. All the job postings want at least 3 years experience, which I don’t have and I don’t want to put fake experience.

I asked Saibaba, no one is there to help me. Now it is Your responsibility. You have to give me a job without anyone’s help. I told Sai, I am not going to ask anyone even for referral. You have to help me. I told Sai, i am not going to put fake experience, just with this one year experience I will apply for jobs and You have to give me a job. I looked online, job boards and whatever job matched my qualification, I applied. But no response came from anyone. On top of this situation, I was afraid of interviews. I attended couple of interviews taking Sai’s name and with full hope, but I got rejected.

Finally I told Sai, I won’t eat my favorite food until I visit Shirdi and I started 9 Thursday Vrat. But still there was no change. I didn’t have account in LinkedIn, and somehow I created it and I have no connections to add. One day I was browsing jobs in LinkedIn. I saw a job matching my qualifications and mailed to the email id in the job description. The lady immediately called and said, I will talk to the client and forward your resume. I started reading Sai Satcharitra, within one week interview was setup. I was still skeptical because I was scared of interviews and this is a very big company. I prayed to Sai and said, I will just attempt the interview just to get the interview experience. I didn’t prepare anything for the interview because the more I prepare the more stressful I will.

I went to the interview. The hiring manager greeted me and he was so down to earth. We went to meeting room for interview. I was getting tensed, but the manager freed me up with jokes. Guess what, he didn’t even ask me one single technical question. Just looking at my resume he said, do you know share point and that’s it, the rest of the time he was talking about the company, job and some personal stuff. First time in life, I felt that I am not in an interview, but a mutual conversation. I felt good after the interview. I thought I will be lucky if I get a job in such a big company and if he is my manager. I told my husband about the interview and he made fun of the interview saying, he doesn’t know what to talk to you, that’s why he talked about himself etc. I left everything to Sai.

I didn’t get a response for 5 days. On Thursday morning, as usual I did pooja and went to office. As soon as I went, I got a call, saying I got the offer. I still couldn’t believe it. The recruiter sent me all the paper work, offer letter. I am thankful for Sai for this offer. It is a good company, good role. Sai gave me the job that is way beyond my scope, but now it is my duty to work hard and achieve something. Sai, fulfilled whatever I asked. I didn’t put fake experience. I didn’t ask any one for the job. The recruiter didn’t even ask for references. All they were doing was back ground check of my colleges and present employment. I got my job only through Sai’s blessings. Even if we don’t have any one to help in this world, Sai will always be there. Never feel you are alone in this hurdles of problems. Sai will easily bare those problems for you and guide your path. The only thing is Sai will test us, but when the time comes, He will show us the easiest path. Om Sai Ram.



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