Got a Job Because of “SAI” Blessings – Devotee from India

Sai Brother Narayana  from India says: Om Sai Ram, I am Narayana Swamy from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a great devotee of Babaji and finally the time came where Baba played a Miracle on me. Sai Baba is always around us. This experience of mine proved me that.

I am a final year college going student. Since I am a final year student, I have to attend placements to get a good job. I am a devotee of Baba and used to go to Babaji’s temple. Our first company would be TCS and I had a belief that I would surely get into it. But unfortunately I didn’t do the Aptitude round well and got out in the first round itself. I was so dejected and that day evening I went to Babaji’s temple for evening Aarti. I put all my worries under His feet and came back home with a relief. I know Baba would always take care of His children.

After two days, we had WIPRO. In that the first round was Group Discussion. I cleared that and was happy. The second round was aptitude and was very easy. I was very confident that I will clear the round. But again even in that, I didn’t clear. But I didn’t lose faith in Baba. I know that Baba is having some other plans for me. I totally attended 6 interviews and got out everywhere in the first round. But I know Baba is there for me. So one Thursday I went to temple and gave a written request to Baba that me and my friends should get placed in a good company. Every Thursday in the temple they used to conduct “Joint Prayers” for all of them and their wishes. So I also gave as I have seen many people’s prayers coming true.

Suddenly from our college, they informed that we are having a off campus interview on 10-11-2013 (Sunday). I was very confident that I will get this company. On 9th evening, I went to Babaji’s temple with my certificate file. I kept the file in Baba’s feet and prayed wholeheartedly. After the Aarti I was returning home. On the way I called one of my friends, who attended interview in another company. I was asking what questions did the HR asked him. He was saying the questions. One of the question was “Fibonacci Series” in computer programming. I asked his experience and came home. Next day we had the aptitude round and there were 100 questions. It was quite easy and I cleared the round. I gained more confidence after this round. Next day we had Technical HR round.

So, next day I got up in the morning and I don’t know what came to my mind, the first thing I did was to go and study that “Fibonacci Series” question. Though I have studied it during my first year I don’t remember it. I saw that and went for the interview to college. The HR people of the company came and explained that we will be having a Programming and HR round. We were told to write a program in the first round. And the MIRACLE happened. The first question they asked was this “Fibonacci Series” question. I was overwhelmed and for a moment my eyes were filled with tears. I did the programming round well. And we had Technical HR round. It was very easy than expected. And at the end of the day I cleared the Technical HR round. They informed us that the next round will be Telephonic Interview on thenext day. But the next day we didn’t get any call.

Later they informed us that we will be having the telephonic interview on the following Thursday. The word “Thursday” gave me even more confidence, since it is Babaji’s day. That day eve we had the phone interview. It was easy and the results were announced on the following Monday. I was extremely happy to hear the news that I was selected. That day evening I went to Baba’s temple and thanked Baba whole heartedly. Even during this one week of interview time I had many positive feeling from Baba, like seeing a Baba’s photo suddenly in a moving vehicle. After the Joint Prayer most of my friends got elected in other company. Hope my remaining friends would also get placed soon. Om Sai Ram.


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