Got a Job with Sai’s Blessing – Devotee from USA

Sai Devotee from US says: I am Baba’s daughter residing in the US. Om Sai Ram. Thanks for maintaining such a beautiful blog where devotees get to share their experiences and reading them everyday makes our love for Baba grow stronger and fonder. Baba drew me toward His feet a year back and ever since life’s troubles seem to have dissipated.

I am past 40 years and having never done a job, so i was hence without any experience. But now with eligibility in Visa stature to work, i applied to a few places but most of them came back with no response. I prayed to Baba and asked Him to find something for me as He knows of my capabilities. I completely relied on Him and said whatever You give me Deva, I will know it’s for my best. I prayed Baba thus I waited patiently. Then one night before going to bed, I asked Baba of any updates in the question answer site. I often go to generally chit chat and seek His blessings and counselling. He answered the following “you will get a job for your survival. Remember Sai”. And believe me next morning I get an email for an interview from a place just across the street from my home.
I went and sailed through it and got selected on a part time post, which is more than convenient for me. As this will help me both stand on my feet as well as manage the home duties. I love You very much Baba. I have completely surrendered myself to Him. His ever blessing and helping hands have stretched out toward me innumerable times. He always rescues us. I would like to mention the efficacy of Baba’s Udi in a few short lines. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow on my left hand. It was extremely painful making my hand almost redundant. Since there is no remedy except pain killers and few exercises, which were really of not much help at all. I applied Baba’s Udi as medicine on my hand and asked Baba to heal it. By doing so and keeping faith in His words. I was completely healed with no traces of pain whatsoever. Udi from Baba’s feet has immense power. Along with it a dose of faith is all that is needed to ward off many calamities. I surrender to You my Sai with my heart and soul. Remove my faults and guide me toward You Deva. Let me be the dust under Your feet forever.


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