Got the Job Finally With Baba Grace and Love – Sai Devotee from India

Priya from India says: Hi I am Priya staying in Gurgaon working in e-commerce Company. I am a devotee of Baba from child hood. 

Due to Sai grace, I got lot of success in my life but after marriage I faced tough time but always Baba supported me from mishaps. I am telling you recent experience of my life after my 5 month old child passed away, my husband and family are not supporting me. And I lost faith in Baba and following the lal kitab resolution (upay) but I went in hell with that resolution (upay), even I did not get the job last 2 years, the reason is because of that lal kitab resolution (upay) effect wrong then I left to follow that resolution again start the pooja of Sainadh but it took 1.1/2 year to forgive me for my mistake. At last my health and wealth issue has been increased and my husband and in-laws told me go back to my home and their son life.

Finally I called to my parents, they took me back to home in this bad condition and they started treatment of my health, I was suffering from hormone imbalance issue then one day I decide to go to Shirdi for Darshan of Baba and fine day on 29 Dec 2012 I reached station, I found the ticket of 31 Dec morning and we went to kopargaon at 1:30 in night and reached Shirdi at 2:30. We had no enough money to be in good hotel but we freshened up from rental wash room and went to the way of temple but on 31 Dec night we saw the crowd in Shirdi, 25 lakhs devotees reached on that day we went inside after 10 hour cue and had Darshan of Baba.

We got the broom to clean the Samadhi Mandir and stayed till 15 min, wow then after Darshan we did not had return ticket. We went to agent who was sitting in near Shirdi temple, he told us, he found the to tatkal ticket for return. We were three people but we went to home without any problem then after 7 day my medicine started to work on me and my health recovered completely and I returned to my husband home with full of joy. When I went back to my husband place no one accept me but I rigidly started to stay at home then slowly they accepted me and I got the job in very reputed company with good salary. I am facing problem in company but trust in Baba that problem will be solved soon. I want to say to all devotees whenever things go wrong just go to Shirdi, all the problems will automatically get resolved by Baba grace. 


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