Grace Of My Baba On My Husband

Grace Of My Baba On My Husband

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a child of My Sai Ram. I have a strong faith on my Sadguru. He has always protected me and guided me. I have always found Him in my Heart. I want to serve needy people around me with all my heart and devotion. I always do my bit, whenever it is possible. I believe in Baba’s every single word. I know that my Sainath sent me here in this world for a purpose and I will try my best to serve it.

My Husband was returning back to our hometown from Chennai. His train was scheduled at 11:40 PM and his ticket was still on the wait-list till 09:00 PM. That evening I went for a simple Darshan to the nearby Sai Baba Temple (and also the other temples nearby) and I had prayed for a few minutes there. I also prayed for a safe journey for my Husband. As my Husband was supposed to check out of his room that very day, he had no choice but to leave for the station even after being unsure about the ticket’s status.

I felt deep inside my heart that everything will be sorted out as my prayers have reached my Baba! Then when the train arrived, with loads of luggage, my husband boarded his train and looked for the TT in the train, so that he can talk to him and find an adjustment somewhere. But the TT was not bothered at all. He paid no heed to whatever my Husband had to say and simply went away. My Husband had a two-tier AC ticket, which was wait-listed and it was already 11 at night. My Husband just wanted the luggage to be placed somewhere properly, but again, he himself, being a kind person did not want to bother the passengers by waking them up or anything.

I and My Mother- in- Law and My Father-in -Law kept calling him to get updates about his situation. My Father- in- Law, being a Chief Railway Engineer of His region, tried to contact few people, who could do something about it, but it was not helping. I and Mother- in- Law prayed and prayed. I told My Husband to have patience and faith in God’s grace- My Baba’s grace! He was mentally prepared that he will have to execute the journey this way. Just then, something magical happened! We all know Sai Baba sends help in some or the other way every time a person seeks for it! That is what happened.

A man saw my Husband standing all alone with the luggage near the door and he asked, “Don’t you have a seat?” After my Husband told him about the situation, that man simply smiled and said,” I have an extraticket in 3-tier AC coach. I am travelling with my family. If you want then take it and join us in the journey”. My Husband found it really unbelievable and then happily agreed to take the seat offered. He then called us at around 11:40 PM and narrated the whole story and assured us that he is comfortably and safely seated now. I could not stop crying and chanting My Baba’s name out of Happiness! I was worried because my Husband has back pain and he had so much of luggage and on top of that, he had not eaten anything since afternoon as he was busy packing and everything. Now that he was settled properly. I and my Mother-in-Law were relieved and thanked God! He reached home safe and sound the next day and went to Sai Baba’s temple nearby to pray and thank Him! I always knew from my heart that Baba will definitely send help as, once He holds your hand, Baba never ever leaves you and keeps you Blessed All the time! Om Sai Ram!


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